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I started this blog as therapy and as a way I could cuss and my Aunt not fuss too much at me on Social media. I never once thought I would have any followers at all, but, to break 10 followers, and see today I have 11! Well, dang it! That is pretty darn cool!! If I have not commented on your sites enough, I am truly sorry, I only today figured out how the “readers” link worked, and I will be a better online partner. What I truly love about my followers is they come from many different backgrounds. Artsy, introspective, book writer, a poet, a photographer, and a few of us nerds have found each other. The one thing we all have in common is the fact we have found a medium to express our thoughts, our beliefs, and to express our beliefs in safe ways that will actually make a difference one day. We have saved ourselves through words and we have affected each other very deeply.

In real life, we may not know each other, we may not agree on everything in life, and we may not even hang out, and that is perfectly ok. We don’t have to agree on everything to support each other. But, here, in our individual blogs, we share enough of ourselves that we support each other in this adventure we call blogging. we share intimate details and we provide input and support for each other enough to go about our day, and to pursue our own interests in our own lives. That is the awesome part about blogging. We can be here just for the amount of time we need each other, then give each other a major high five, and go tackle the world in our own glorious ways! I am proud to call you my online friends! To many more days of wonderful blogging!

So, drum roll, here are my cool blogging friends! In no particular order, here are the people who think I am worth the time to follow!


  • This is Tony! I open my e-mail every day to his blog. He sends me “likes” and he updates his blog all the time, so, seeing his smile every morning gets my day started! He is a fellow nerd and geek!

  • Broken Brilliant is working through the pain and recovery of TBI and a few mental issues! Awesome blog! Give BB some love!

  • Babylonian Sweet Peas is my sister in pain! When I follow her blog, I see myself in her. We are disease sister and I look at her blog when I need to remind myself I am not crazy! LOL 🙂 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia SUCKS the life out of you! And blogging keeps many of us sane! **** Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is the name in the US, many other countries call it M.E. The US is looking at adopting this name also.

<<< You really need to teach me how to make my words different colors. 🙂 Pretty Please >>>>

  • Moon Gazer is another of my FIBRO sisters. Her blog is about her daily adventures in life, and living life in spite of this crazy disease. I love her cat!

  • Renny Dio is all about helping those in poverty situations around the world. They have some very good information on their site. They provide links to healthy options around the world. It looks like they provide link backs to other sites, but, still, the other sites seem to be very interesting. I like reading interesting things, so, like this.

  • StoriForm — HOLY COW! If you want to read some really interesting stories, and some far out stuff, this is where you need to go! I love having my mind expanded! It seems he has none of his comments opened, so I can’t tell him how much I enjoy the “out of box” thinking he has, so, I guess I need to tell him here! Yep… pretty cool and interesting stories he is writing.

  • Well, if you want to see some AMAZING photography! I love visiting this page just to see new photos uploaded! It amazes me how much talent is in this world.

  • You know when you meet someone who is slightly ADHD and Smart about EVERYTHING! Well, let me tell you, this blog has all kind of interesting History stuff on it. But, it just doesn’t end at history. There are travel pages, information pages, entertainment, and a huge menagerie of information that will keep you busy for hours!

  • Kate! — When you go to a blog, and it looks just like one of those nice home magazines you get in the mail? Well, that is how I feel when I go to Kate’s blog. I feel “at home.” I feel loved. I feel like I need to start baking or cleaning. I love her blog as something very comfortable. Like an old sweater or a comfy blanket. Very nice indeed. Go here when the rest of the world is terrible. You will leave here smiling. 🙂

  • Steve is a fellow Veteran. As a Veteran, I too found it hard to transition to the civilian world. I read everything I could find and followed all the rules, still transition is hard. Steve’s blog is a way for Veterans to find their center in a world full of Chaos. This is a great place for fellow Veterans to find friends and to find others who are looking for their own way.

Thank you all for following me and thinking my BLOG was worthy of your time!

Much respect to all of you!


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Adults put teens in adult situations, then expect them to sit down and shut up when they handle bad situations like mature and brave adults should.

My opinion piece on the attitude of online adults to teens:

I have read many stories about teens and high-school students taking a stand against sexism, homophobia, and racism in their schools, and even standing up to teachers who use their positions to perpetuate these types of hate filled messages.

I applaud these kids! I really do! But, what confuses me is the amount of adults, online, who say kids should know their place, and behave, mind their teachers, even when faced with hate, liars, and bigotry, from the exact adults who are supposed to be teaching the new generation of adults.

I am constantly baffled by the hypocrite stance these adults have concerning the teens they are bashing. I totally admit not every student is in the right, or maybe could have handled things a little differentially, but, that is where mentors and adults come in to show them how to fight and win battles correctly. They should be mentored for what they are doing, not, insulted for their passions. I also do not think every teacher is innocent, in fact, many are not.

Let’s revisit some of the leading news articles, just over the last year. Teachers have been caught having sex with their students. Teachers have been caught with child pornography on their computers. Teachers have been caught not only using illegal drugs, but also selling illegal drugs to their students. Teachers have been caught sexually harassing not only other teachers, but, also students, in situations where the student has no way to save themselves. There are teachers who not only condone bullying, but, encourage it. Science research has been proven time and again that teachers give better grades to those who have familiar names, and to those who are “teacher’s pets”. Teachers have been proven to lie, cheat, steal, and accept bribes to help students do better in school, and to make it look like the teachers themselves are better teachers, only to earn the bonuses they would have lost if their real teaching abilities had been made public. These are only the teachers who have been caught and arrested or fired. Most teachers who have been reported for illegal or immoral activities are just counseled and moved to another school, to start their activities all over again. So, please, stop the fake rhetoric, that teachers are infallible, perfect people, who should be worshiped, and students are the only problem. They are not.

In no way am I saying that every teacher is like this. In fact, I personally know some outstanding teachers, who don’t receive income anywhere near what they are worth, and they should be put up on pedestals and worshipped for the hell some students put them through. The sad part is, those teachers are becoming the minority, instead of the majority. Do we need better teachers? You net we do. But, until the US Government finds a way to get and retain better teachers, we need strong students to be able to stand up for what is right and good, and bring the issues in their schools to light. Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube, these student journalist need the help of the public, not the shame of spineless adults. These students are demanding better teachers, better schools, better education, and better policies that benefit everyone. We should support them, not demise them, because they are teens.

On one side of the coin, most adults want their kids to be mini adults, and they expect the teen students to tackle 8 hours of school a day, 4 hours of homework most nights, extracurricular activities, and they are also expected to maintain a part time job on the weekends. All of this while maintaining a A/B average in school, facing sexual harassment at school, constant threats of violence at school, hormonal changes, heart break, pregnancy fears, fears their parents will divorce or that another student will commit suicide or over dose, pressure to have sex for the first time, all the teacher crap which was mentioned above, and pressure to find a college and not only change schools, but, also move away from friends, family members, and all they have ever known. Let’s not forget, the teens, who turned 14 this year, have never known a life without war, and the teens who are graduating high school this year, have always been in school during a war. All they know is death and war. They face so much more pain and stress, on a daily basis, there is no way they could ever share it all, with anyone. Their own parents will not even know the battles and burdens their teens face everyday.

These “perfect” adults seem to forget what is was to be a teenager, or they honestly have never had to face the issues the students must face in a modern high school. We should praise the students who point out issues in their schools, instead of insulting them and patronizing them.

These kids are pressured each and every day to grow up and act like an adult, but, the moment they find their voice, the moment they find their passion, the moment they stand up for what is right, even when it is against another adult, they are told to sit down and shut up and act their age.

I hope each and every teen out there continues to stand up for what is good and right in this world, and never, ever, shut up about an injustice in your school.

I have something to tell those adults. I would gladly call these teens my equal and I would consider them my colleagues in the adult world. Too bad more “adults” aren’t as brave as many modern teens are.

The teens, who are yelled at everyday to act more like an adult, are acting their age perfectly. They are acting with more bravery and more courage then I see in most adults and I am damn proud of them.

Bullied child kills himself to stop the pain — Rules to live by: Don’t be an asshole, don’t raise kids to be assholes, and when you see someone being an asshole, stop them from acting like an asshole


No parent should have to worry that their child is going to take their own life because other children are complete assholes. In fact, no adult should have to live like this either.

Rules to live by: Rules to live by: Don’t be an asshole, Don’t raise kids to be assholes, and when you see someone being an asshole, stop them from acting like an asshole.

Here is her heartbreaking video about the pain her son lived everyday. Personally, I hope the kids, who pushed him over the edge, are accused and found guilty of criminal harassment, but, depending on the state, they will probably just be allowed to live their lives as assholes, with no conscience about what they did, and probably work on Wall Street or something.

It is a sad and true fact that many terrible humans will select the ones they perceive as weaker and try to eliminate them or harass them. Many humans will “form packs” and go around selecting those who are loners and have no pack or clan of their own, so, as parents, we have to understand this mentality, and help our kids find their way. Strength is truly stronger in numbers.

We all say that life should be fair and school should be a safe place for our children to learn. The real truth is, life is not fair, and school is one of the worst places to expect a safe environment. When you send your child to school, it becomes a “Thunderdome” situation. There are no parents around, and underpaid teachers (who are also some of the worst bullies), leave weak and different kids at the mercy of those who wish to do them harm. If life was such a fair and safe place, girls would not go to the bathroom with their friends.

Since there are complete assholes in this world, and we can’t expect asshole parents to raised their neanderthal kids any better than they are, parents need to also raise their kids in a way that gives them a shield against the stupid shit at school. BTW — this goes for adults too. Many adults find themselves alone and sad because they can’t find others in their own niche. Well, get out and find your pack. Trust me, they are looking for you too.

Some more rules to live by; get your kids involved in groups that do the same things they do. If your child does not have many friends, go out and find some, and invite them over for a party. Those kids are probably looking for friends too. Many kids, who are bullied, just haven’t found their niche in life yet, help them find that niche, by involving them in after school functions and weekend activities. Eventually, they will find a group to call their own. Once they find their own group, they will have their own little pack of friends. Obviously, the big one she stressed, in the video, if someone says they are going to kill themselves, take their threat seriously, and report it.

In the end, here are some numbers everyone should know:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Awareness for me turning into M.E.

Esteffiestar suffers from one of the same disorders I do (Fibromyalgia / M.E.) and she was diagnosed the same year I was, so, because I can relate to her, I wanted to share her story to give her support. Sometimes, just showing someone a little love, even in the form of reading their words, is enough to give them a smile for that day. 🙂

Steffi's Babylonian Sweet Peas

M.E. took over my life a little more than five years ago and little by little it’s trying to take over the whole of me.

The 12th of May is Worldwide M.E./CFS awareness day. The week surrounding it its Action for M.E. Week

  • Dress up! On May 12th, wear blue for ME/CFS/SEID, dye a strip of your hair blue (when people ask why, tell them it is for ME/CFS/SEID awareness), or just get creative!

I’m coming out about the severity of this illness instead of trying to keep up a social acceptable profile.

That’s what M.E. / C.F.S. / Fibromyalgia awareness day asks of us patients.

Share what it’s like. This is a hard task.

Normally  I try to only share the few moments in my life that will get approval and fit in with normal life standards.

But this doesn’t help the cause, getting awareness


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Hello Giggles is one of my new favorite sites – Positive stories from around the world

I have no affiliation with Hello Giggles. I just think it’s a very positive website, encouraging others to spread positive stories around the world. We need more of this. Also, if you like to write positive stories, you can contribute to their site.

About Hello Giggles:

“HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering DIY and crafting projects, beauty, friendship, sex & relationships, pop culture, pets, television & movies, nostalgia, fandom, tips on savvy and stylish living meant to inspire a smile. Founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. Reader contributions are welcome and published daily.”

Hello Giggles

Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom

Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom.

I am torn by the constant reminder, in the news and on the internet, that Memorial Day is not about hot dogs and picnics, but, only to remember the fallen Soldiers in our history.

Yes. There are plenty of US Citizens, who do not live near a military base, who do not know a military Veteran, and who are not familiar with all that goes into being in the military. They are going about their weekend in blissful happiness that they are able to take a long weekend and spend some time with the family. That is all they know. The main things they are looking forward to is time off and spending time with the family. They might attend the local parade, and hang up their American flag, and eat, drink, and be merry during the whole weekend.

Is that really so bad?

As a career Soldier, it honestly makes me very happy there are families in small town America who can go about their lives and never know the pain, suffering, and lose that Soldiers feel every day. I didn’t join the military so that I can tell those families what to do. I joined the military so they could do what they wanted to, at any time, without fear of oppression and war in their own backyard.

In my mind, I see Memorial day as a Celebration of Life for Soldiers who have gone before us. We remember their lives and their sacrifice by not sitting around crying all weekend, or in solemn prayer all weekend, but in celebration for what they did on the battlefield, and how they served their country very well.
Throughout history, armies did not remember their lost brothers (and now sisters), by spending their entire mourning time in tears and sorrow. They spent the appropriate time in sorrow, but, after the tears, they partied and told grand stories about their fallen comrades. The more mead or wine which was poured, the bigger the stories became. They danced, they ate, they drank, and they made love, while being thankful for the freedom they had due to the Soldiers who died in their place.

This Memorial Day weekend, let’s not condemn those who are spending time with their families, who are fishing with their children, who are drinking, eating, and seem like they don’t have a care in the world. Let’s be happy that, we, as Soldiers, and the ones who went before us, are able to provide the freedom for those people to have a happy weekend. We shoulder the pain, suffering, and sacrifice time with our own families, so they don’t have to. The fallen Soldiers (and their families) have shouldered the ultimate sacrifice, so those families could smile, love, and be together in a free nation, without fear of condemnation of others.

So, go out and have a huge Celebration of Life for the lost Soldiers from our past, and enjoy the freedoms they gave to the American people. While you are having a beer, have one for them too, but, don’t condemn those who are loving, living, and laughing in the free nation those Soldiers stood, and fell, for.

It makes my heart happy to see families together in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

If you wish to post the name of a Veteran you have lost, I will make a photo for them and post it on my blog.

Open letter to the stranger (a man), who called me a “loud-mouthed feminist bitch.” — Thank you. That is the sweetest insult I have received in a very long time.

This is an open letter to the stranger, a man, who called me a “loud-mouthed feminist bitch.” I wish to thank you. Not only is your insult one of the nicest I have ever received, but you have shown yourself to be a little bitty man in a much bigger world then you can comprehend. If you think your off-the-cuff, over-used, outdated insult would affect me or silence me, you are gravely mistaken and you are way out of your league.

Not only are you not the first person who has insulted me, you are not even the first person to insult me today. I have been insulted by much classier, wealthier, and more powerful men then you could ever hope to be. In a world full of bricks being thrown at me and so many other women, you are nothing but a bug bite on my arm. You are not even worthy of being considered a bug bite on my behind, because that might actually cause me to be upset, and your words were actually an awesome compliment.

There have been many wonderful and fantastic times I have received wonderful compliments from those who love me, but since you, a total stranger, tried to bring me down with your pitiful little insult, let me give you an insight into the person you are trying to tear apart and silence.

As a child of less than 9, I was called:

Poor dirt farmer’s daughter, ugly, fat, wild, loud, untalented, crazy, strange, weird, spacey, bratty, slow, too short, roach girl (because my home had roaches), and an  “N-lover” (because I had a black friend in first grade and stood up for her on the playground). At 9 years old, I was called a slut and a whore by a female adult, because many of my friends were boys. These were not the only harsh words I faced, they are only a sampling of what created the person you tried to insult.

As a child in the fourth through sixth grades, I was sent to a “Christian” school to try to “fix me.” There, I was called by students and also teachers:

Dumb, wild, uncontrollable, loose, crazy, spacey (because I was shy and an introvert), weird (because I dreamed of being an astronaut, when women could not be astronauts), bratty, chatty, hyper, and a male student even called me a bitch because I would not allow him to kiss me and I slapped him (yep, standing up for yourself at 11 gets you called a bitch, but, guess what, he didn’t get to kiss me). See, your lazy insult of “bitch” has been used for many years against females, and we haven’t stopped winning yet.

From seventh grade through eighth grade, I was called:

Slut (because I would not allow a male to slap my butt), I was called strange and weird (again, because I told a teacher I wanted to be an astronaut), I was picked on, picked at, and bullied in middle school because I refused to conform to the “gangs” of little mean girls who only had each other as back up and would never make it alone in life. I was called an outcast, a Salvation Army baby, and because I refused to meet the boys in the eighth grade bathrooms for some “play time,” I was called slut, bitch, fat, and a whore. Yet, I still progressed, where others were slowly fading away to pre-teen pregnancy, drugs, gangs, and sadly, random deaths, and yes, even suicide.

As a teen, I was called:

Bitch, slut, whore, cunt, and pussy. See a pattern? Come on. Can’t people come up with more creative insults? I was harassed with words such as, “Baby you look fine, I wish to fuck you in the bathroom,” or my all time favorite, “I had your mom last night, I want a little of you today.” I have had bigger breasts since tenth grade, so that opened the door for more slang words, harassment, and “tear downs” of my spirit and my soul. I had teachers who told me to find more appropriate goals in life. I even had a teacher look at me when I entered her class for the first time, and say, “Oh, it’s you. I have already heard about you.” This is the same teacher who, in 1980-something, was having kids perform dissections on real cats. I tried to persuade her to hold a fundraiser to purchase fake cats instead. Her response was to joke about the cats being found behind the dumpsters and say they didn’t matter. Yet, she made me feel bad about being in her class.

I started a long distance track team, and teachers said I was too short to run. I ran anyway. I was told I was too fat to be a cheerleader. I cheered anyway. I was told I was too poor to be in band. I joined anyway. I wasn’t popular. I joined popular clubs anyway. I was bullied. I did not change my path to class. I walk down the same path everyday, anyway. So, you see, your insults don’t even bother me, they push me to do better and be much louder about it.

By students and teachers alike, I was made to feel bad about my body, my brains, and my outrageous goals in life. Yet, I still progressed forward, and the people who bullied and harassed me fell to the wayside in depths of drugs, drinking, and despair.

I was married a few times, and from those “kind gentlemen,” I received such “lovely” words as:

You are dumb. The house is a mess. You suck as a wife. You are nothing to me. You are looking fat. Why can’t you look like so-and-so? You can’t cook. Your thighs are fat. Your hair isn’t the right color. Oh, why did you change your hair. Gain weight. Lose weight. You don’t make me happy. You don’t deserve what you have.  You will never amount to anything. I cheated on you because you work too hard (I made more money than my ex). You make me look bad when you talk about your degree, job, and income, but you will never be better than me. Of course, there are many more, but I am sure you get the gist of my wonderful time with my ex-husbands.

I spent over 20 years in the Army, and I was called and told by my male leadership and my co-workers:

That I was a bitch, slut, whore, cunt, and pussy. Constantly. I figured I would get those out of the way, since males have no imagination when it comes to insults.

I was busting my back fixing a tire, while a male soldier was sitting whining about how lazy women are in the Army. I have been touched, jeered at, harassed, physically hit by my own commander in the face with a book, physically hit in my injured back by a male PA trying to prove I was not injured, called stupid, insubordinate when standing up for myself, a liar,  lazy, crazy, strange (that I had dreams of doing things females were not allowed to), weird, and a bitch, more times than I can count. I added bitch in there twice, because that is a running theme of females in the Army. If a female isn’t happy just taking orders from the “god like” males and succumbing to their ever wants and needs, then, those females are “bitches.”

I have also been called a dyke, lesbo, homo, twat waffle, pie muncher, and many homosexual slurs. I am not a homosexual, I just happen to be a very strong woman in the Army, who did her job very well. If they were referring to the take they believe a homosexual female is tough, smart, strong, and hard working, then I take their thinly veiled attempt at an insult, and I take it as a compliment.

I have been told to shut-up, sit-down, be quiet, don’t make waves, be more lady-like, be less lady-like, be this, be that, be something else all together. Yet. I am still here, progressing every day, while others fall in their own tracks of misery.

I have been told my huge accomplishments were only gained by sleeping my way to the top. I was told my awards were given to me only because it was determined by the government a certain amount of females receive certain awards. It could, in no way, be because I worked night and day to earn every recognition I was awarded. All of my accomplishments have been gravely diminished by the males in my life and my command. Not because I did not, in reality, truly earn them, but because the males were eaten up inside by jealousy, intimidation, and the hatred of anyone who out shined them (especially females). The only way for them to feel powerful wasn’t for them to work harder and meet the new standard a female had set, but to try to belittle and tear down the accomplishments of the females around them to make themselves feel better.

And yet, I still progressed. Day by day. Week by week. Pulling the hatred of men behind me like ankles weights on a prisoner sentenced to life. Every time I tried to escape the low standard men set, they would harass me, insult me, and try to tear me down by adding another weight to my ankles to keep me in my place. And yet, slowly, ever so slowly, I worked harder and became stronger than they ever could imagine and I continued to progress. One thing people forget: when you put weights on someone who is willing to work hard to get what they want, the weights do not hold that person back, but makes the person stronger, meaner, and more accomplished than the haters could ever imagine.

I am 47 years old and I have had many years and many late night crying sessions to contemplate ugly, pathetic, uneducated, underlings like yourself, and I have come up with a few rules for people like you:

  1. Come up with new and better insults. Your insults are tired, worn out, and old, like you. I have been insulted by Generals, physically hit by a combat Soldier, and even had a Senator send me an email to request I move out of his district. So, please, if I can survive the insults from those people, you are nothing to me but a pesky bug to smash.
  2. You bore me. Your old, outdated, stupid, idiotic, backward-thinking and raised-in-a-barn upbringing really bore me to death. I hate discussing serious topics with someone like you, who does not present any research to back your claims and relies solely on shoving their own personal agenda down people’s throats in a failed attempt to change the minds of those around them. I am bored with you and people like you. People of all sexes, races, and even dis/abilities have proven over and over they are worthy to occupy a seat at the “grown-up table of only men.” Please, you can’t hold those seats open for your friends forever. Your friends are not keeping up. Instead of insulting and putting down females, who are slowly taking those seats by storm, you need to talk to your male friends and tell them the world is changing, the rules are changing, the standards are higher, and they need to learn to keep up.
  3. Go to school. You sound like an idiot when you argue with me. If I am going to waste my time on people, like yourself, I really wish to have an equal brain to argue with. Trust me, a woman’s brain can multitask, find information quickly to bring to an argument, and immediately remember what you said after you yourself have long forgotten. You, on the other hand, must retreat in an argument, because you can’t keep up. So, please, go to school. At least the information you learn in school might make up for your old, broken record arguments toward females. At that point, I will gladly have an intelligent discussion with you concerning your issues of women working in “male only” positions.

So, let’s re-cap: I have been insulted, harassed, abused, stepped on, pulled apart, kept down by men around me, and so many other things you will never understand, and you expect me to “shut-up” my feminist talk, all just because you called me a “loud-mouthed feminist bitch?” Oh honey, you have a lot to learn about who I am. I don’t shut up, I don’t sit down, I don’t take crap from anyone, especially not the likes of you. I am better, stronger, faster, smarter, and more determined than you will ever fathom.

Again, thank you. I take your insult and accept it as a compliment, because, honey, that’s how I fucking roll.

A teen boy is collecting pads and tampons for his female friends at school and it is wonderful —- If you want to share a good story today, this is it.

Men don’t have a clue what women go through just to prepare to leave the house or go on a trip.

From as early as 9 years old and during most of a woman’s lifetime. Just so we can form another human being and make sure that little human being has the nourishment it needs to become a healthy child,  we are constantly cleaning up the mess which our bodies produce. It is hard enough to clean up all these leaks, spots, and messes, but, to have to worry about not having the correct items with us is sometimes a real headache. To go anywhere, even a one day hiking trip, men grab their gear, and go, but, women must always remember to pack extra feminine hygiene products and possibly a bottle of midol. If her period is not regular, many women bring extra undies and even an extra sweater for the “around the waist cover-up the messy blood everyone knows I started my period” look. This is not a one month ordeal. This constant worry and constant planning for the unknown is every month, every year, for a woman’s entire freaking life. Even when after a woman is old enough for birth control, there is no “I’m just going to get up and go somewhere”. A woman needs to go home, pick up her prescription, and make sure she takes it the same time, every single day, all while the guys are like, lets jump up at any time and go surfing, a woman needs to eat a little something with her pill, or, depending on the type of pill, she could be sick, and throw up.

It even gets worse when a woman is pregnant. There are constant leaks in her panties, her breast are leaking, she is throwing up, and of course, there is the wonderful dignity-busting moment when she pees on herself in McDonalds or at the park with her family. Many men handle these incidences the way they handle life, they see an issue, and they jump in to fix it the best they can. Even if they have no idea what they are doing, these type of men are forgiven, because at least they are trying to help and not make the situation worse.

Unfortunately, there is another group of men who don’t understand the amount of dignity that a woman loses in life is literally to prepare her body for the most wonderful thing in the world, to have a baby. They complain about going to the store for their wives or girlfriends, they make fun of a messy pair of jeans, they don’t help their wife when, while caring his baby, she pees all over herself at the worst possible moment. This particular group of men are complete assholes. There is no nice way to say it, they are just uneducated assholes. Their moms and dads need to have a serious discussion with their sons and just start the hell over, because, when dealing with men like this, they have failed in their job to prepare their sons to face what a woman must go through in life.

Thank goodness, there are the few men out there who balance both groups out. One of these young men is 15-year-old Jose Garcia. He has developed a plan to help young women avoid missing classes, avoid the embarrassment of going to the nurse’s office, and avoid the embarrassment of using a toilet paper wad for a pad. He has requested that all young men carry one or two pads on them, or keep them near, for the girl in their life, so she will not have to worry about mistakes and the “uh-oh” moment of a surprise period. I don’t know who his parents are, but, they are doing one hell of a job at raising a fantastic young man who saw a problem and found a wonderful and loving way to address the problem.

It does my heart so good to see young men taking an active role in helping women get through the day with less shame and less embarrassment! Way to go, Jose!

For more on his story, please read the attached link below.