SCI FI and Space FUN!

I have tons of stuff I like, but trust me, the ISS Locator is the one I use most often.

If you would like to get notifications when the ISS will be over your home, here is where you register.

Then you can have fun following the stars, planets, satellites, and yes, even the ISS, using the SKYVIEWApp, located at …(I’ll eventually post some of the photos I took using the app).

You’ve gotten your notification that the ISS is above your home, you’re using your SKYVIEW APP for some additional fun, but how do you let the ISS know you see them?

Feel free to Tweet them on their Tweeter page. They may not be able to get back to you right away, but it’s pretty cool to send a “Hello” to outer-space and later receive a response.


That’s it for now, but keep checking back for more groovy links of spacey stuff.


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