Alphabet Soup of Medical Conditions

Except for normal issues, I was perfectly healthy until January 18th, 2009. That was the date of my first military injury. I was almost 42. Since 2009, I’ve attended many military schools, finished raising my kids, deployed, retired, and I’ve put more miles and experiences on this body than many people do in a lifetime.

My mind and body are flipping train-wrecks. My medical files look like the New York City phone book.

One day I will list all my diseases and conditions, for now, let’s just say I’m a walking ICD 10 textbook, and insurance coders could pass their exams just by reading my medical records.

This blog is my way to keep myself sane, stay involved in life, vent, and have some fun along the way. Even though I can’t guarantee rainbows and unicorns every day, I will gladly provide enough animals photos and videos to bring a little happiness to everyone.

Here you go. This one will get us started with the many smiles to come.

4Sep2014 (17)

Photo Credit: Amanda Blount 

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