Disclaimer About Me

I’m coming to you from the Southeast USA. I will bring you my opinions, gripes, concerns, and compliments. Sometimes I might just share a cat or two (I admit it, there will be lots of cats). My opinions do not always jive with the part of the USA I live in, but that’s what makes this country so great. I have the freedom to share my complaints (and compliments) about the state of world affairs and debate how we are going to make it better.

I hope you enjoy what I share and if not, that’s OK too.  That is exactly what makes the world go around.

My politics are right down the middle. I think of myself as a right leaning lefty or a left leaning righty. I vote on policies, not the people. I would consider myself an Independent, but, lately someone told me I am more of a Libertarian. Either way, I live life in a manner where I try to be kind to everyone and respect them for who they are. I am not qualified to judge others and I hope when my time comes, my maker will show me the mercy I have shown others. I’m pro-choice, pro-medical cannabis, and pro-same sex marriage, but I’m also pro-2nd Amendment.

I believe welfare programs should help those who need help, but should never be considered a career option. On the other side of my belief system, I also don’t believe people will help themselves if they believe there is no hope for their future. Humans get tired. They get tired of all the bull crap and the constant lies from Washington. The people need to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel before they can muster the motivation to get started. I believe people really look for a hand up, and not a hand out, but, services must be protected from those who would be tempted to abuse the systems. Anyway, there is a lot of other things I believe, but, those things will become pretty obvious  from my posts.

On here, we will laugh together, cry together, and occasionally make great changes for the human race. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Wanna know a little more? Here is my introduction entry —


Giving credit where credit is due.

I really love when people share my words of wisdom, stuff I make up, little quotes I scream during the day, but, as professional adults, please don’t steal my words without credit.

Come on, would you really want people to think you said my words out loud? Trust me. If you are going to quote me, you will want to credit me with the words. If not, be prepared to live the life I have lived.

Using my words as your own my result in bad relationships, divorces, being barred from island nations, have your tribal name removed for all time, handcuffs, crotch rot, the fleas from a thousand camels, losing friends, actually having someone from POF say you are too “out there for them” (not talking to him anymore), being asked to leave your children’s schools, being fired, jail time, and many more interesting life lessons which have brought me to where I am today.

So, for my sanity, and your safety (not to mention your future internet search history), let’s all play fair, and give credit where credit is do. If you wish to use my stuff (Really? COOL!), please just ask and give me a shout out.

I also have serious respect for hard work, so, if you see something on my website which is not credited, or not credited correctly, please let me know. I will fix it right away.

Note: I do not claim credit for the work of art or memes. These memes and photos were found on various sites on the internet. Over time the original creditor has been lost. If the creator is not listed on the meme or photo, I use these without malice. If you are the creator or know the creator, please contact me so I may give correct credit to original artist or remove the art from my blog. Bottom line, please don’t sue me. You’ll only receive a mean chicken & a few hundred event t-shirts and honestly,  who really wants a mean chicken and more t-shirts?


Ad disclaimer: I am not sponsored. I make ZERO dollars on the links I share. So, if a link I share is blasting some commercial (which I totally despise and will try not to share those), or has more than one page of information (which is normally click bait), remember, I shared it because I really thought it was something interesting. I don’t make any money off of those crazy videos or commercials. In fact, I go out of my way to find interesting information, which does not contain crazy ads or malware. You’re welcome! 🙂

HEY! I’m not opposed to being sponsored, so if you have a few million taking up extra space, feel free to send them my way. I will gladly give your money a safe and secure home. I will love it as if it’s my own.


If you ever wanted to know how you can help us continue to bring good information to the public, here’s your answer.


  1. I don’t do ads. They are in your face and intrusive. I don’t want that for our readers. I do not want to overload our readers with tons of ads and there will be no “in-your-face-pop-up-adds” but I am starting a sponsorship program, where our writers can make a share of their sponsors, based on their hard work. If you know of anyone who believes in what we do and would like to sponsor our website or just one story, please send them our way. We won’t turn down anyone (OK almost any one). I need standards.
  2. If you would like to sponsor our page, we will not turn you down. (Wine for me and chicken food for the pets are always accepted.)

Affiliated Links

  1. I’ll add a few affiliated links. Which means, when you purchase something you wanted anyway, you might as well purchase from here. I’ll sing for you if you do. (be forewarned, I don’t sing very well).I’m going to add a few stylish sales items on here you might be interested in. Nothing to gawdy, just nice stuff.We’ll see how it goes.
  2. My goal is no flashing ads, so I will continue to find other ways to sponsor this  page. I do not want to ruin the readers experience, so for now, no flashing lights, and no guy screaming at you wanting you to buy a car. Just good old fashioned information.

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