Random stuff I like

For all you wonderful people who want to read my blog, but not face a  multitude of tabs on the main page, I’ve learned how to create menus! WOO HOO!! “Menus!” One small step for bloggers, one giant leap for those of us who love something new everyday and really want our friends to love it too.


One thing new people need to know about me is, even when I’m sleeping, my mind is running at a million miles a minute. Seriously, if my dreams could be downloaded into movie form, it would look like a Pink Floyd concert with extra acid thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been this way my entire life. I have literally bounced (When I say literally, I mean it. I can’t sit still while talking) from one subject to the next a few times over, only to find myself, 15 minutes later, linking them all back to the original subject. (My poor teachers)

While all of this makes perfect sense in my head, and has lead to some really awesome career positions (as long as it’s quiet, I can multi-task like crazy), sometimes it takes strangers some time to get used to.

I told a new friend, “look I know I’m a lot to take in all at once, but once you get to know me, you will never be bored.” I’m honored to say, “This person is still my friend.” (I think those type of people are cool as hell.) I’m not saying that as a hit against myself, but as the truth. We all have our standards of friends we want around us (I know I have standards) and “over bubbly” friends can be a handful at times. That’s okay with me, I’ve got so much running through my head, I keep myself entertained most of the time (all other times I depend on the History Channel and Sci Fi shows to keep me entertained).

Due to sickness and injuries, I’ve actually slowed down in the last few years. When I became sick with RA and Fibro, I complained to my doctor about how tired I am all the time. There are days when I am completely exhausted and I don’t want to do anything but read or watch TV. I can barely keep my eyes open. As a joke (and we’ve known each other long enough to know this was a joke), she looked at me and said, “Well, now you know what *normal* feels like.” Obviously, RA, Fibro, and the other conditions I have, do not make me “normal” but I understand what she was saying. My whole life I’ve been able to live on 4-6 hours of sleep a night (or less) and go-go-go, now I need 8-10 hours of sleep just to get through a normal day. Don’t get me wrong, my diseases have slowed me way down, even worse than what would be considered *normal* but there are a few days when my mind runs just as fast as it used to, even when my body can’t move at all.

My body my have slowed down, but there are days if someone could see in my brain, they would see 50-100 tabs open at the same time. My brain re-buffers all the tabs constantly. I don’t just think of one thing at a time, I’m constantly scanning all the ideas at once. I see all the connections, but people around me can only hear my sputtering while I try to explain everything I’m thinking before they become disinterested. <<<SIGH>>> Trust me, sometimes, it’s as irritating for me as it can be for other people.

The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned to hide it. I can’t stop it, but I do try to control it by remembering even though my brain can see many subjects at a time, I can only talk about one of them at a time. So, to combat the constant blogging of random stuff, I find interesting from day to day (but others may not), I’ve come up with these drop down menus. I can burst my likes and dislikes into the drop down menus, without flooding the main page with disconnected information.

If you wish to see the most recent sites I like or find funny, these links are for you. I’ll add a few here and there and when the list gets too long, I’ll delete some of the old ones, or hell, I might make more drop-downs.

Who knows? With the power of the internet, there may come a time when I make an entire new blog based on “shit I like today” and include that in the links.

Until that time, I hope you find some of the links as interesting as I do. (I’ve been told I share some super interesting stuff, so be sure to check back here often).

Also, drop me a comment or two about your favorite ones. After some time, I’ll move the best ones to the top so others can enjoy them also.