Cut The Cord On Toxic Relationships! Protect Yourself From Any and All Abuse.

Women, listen up.

I’m literally shaking with anger.

I’ve had an ex kind-of stalking me on social media. Nothing to the point of “crazy” but worrisome.

He’s got a few mental issues. I’ve been as kind to his issues as I could be, but only because I knew him for a very long time, considered him a friend, and mental issues are hard to handle alone.

The conversations and messages soon turned insulting, possessive, demanding, and full of anger.

So, not only did I ignore him, but I muted his messages. He recently became demanding that I answer him right away.

He immediately reminded me of trump.

I spent my childhood living through mental and physical abuse and because that’s all I knew, I grew up to marry men who mentally and physically abused women.

I grew strong. I left those situations behind and never looked back.

I’m super protective over my freedom. I’m confident and mentally strong. No asshole will come in my life and try to take my freedom from me.

He’s now 💯 percent blocked from all my social media.

No friendship is worth abuse.

I have zero regrets for what he might do to himself. He’s a grown man. I am not his keeper, his counselor, nor am I his punching bag.

*I did contact his friend to let him know this guy was spiraling, but as the victim of this toxic person, it is not my job to keep him safe. When trying to cut from a toxic person, it’s not your job either.*

Ladies, protect yourself from all forms of abuse, including mental abuse. The moment a man (or woman ) takes a conversation to the level of making you feel uncomfortable, cut them completely out of your life.

Their happiness is not your responsibility.

– Rant over –

Until next time…Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

** Protect yourself from abusive and toxic relationships **

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