Cut The Cord On Toxic Relationships! Protect Yourself From Any and All Abuse.

Women, listen up.

I’m literally shaking with anger.

I’ve had an ex kind-of stalking me on social media. Nothing to the point of “crazy” but worrisome.

He’s got a few mental issues. I’ve been as kind to his issues as I could be, but only because I knew him for a very long time, considered him a friend, and mental issues are hard to handle alone.

The conversations and messages soon turned insulting, possessive, demanding, and full of anger.

So, not only did I ignore him, but I muted his messages. He recently became demanding that I answer him right away.

He immediately reminded me of trump.

I spent my childhood living through mental and physical abuse and because that’s all I knew, I grew up to marry men who mentally and physically abused women.

I grew strong. I left those situations behind and never looked back.

I’m super protective over my freedom. I’m confident and mentally strong. No asshole will come in my life and try to take my freedom from me.

He’s now 💯 percent blocked from all my social media.

No friendship is worth abuse.

I have zero regrets for what he might do to himself. He’s a grown man. I am not his keeper, his counselor, nor am I his punching bag.

*I did contact his friend to let him know this guy was spiraling, but as the victim of this toxic person, it is not my job to keep him safe. When trying to cut from a toxic person, it’s not your job either.*

Ladies, protect yourself from all forms of abuse, including mental abuse. The moment a man (or woman ) takes a conversation to the level of making you feel uncomfortable, cut them completely out of your life.

Their happiness is not your responsibility.

– Rant over –

Until next time…Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

** Protect yourself from abusive and toxic relationships **

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I’m tired of listening to the same old excuses about gun regulations – I’m angry!

{Warning: Strong words}

I’m just going to lay it out here.

I was raised in a Republican based mindset. Obviously, I went my own way, but there were times in my life, even after I became a progressive liberal, where I stood up for Republicans and the @GOP.

Not all their ideas were terrible. There were a few which could actually help people (Like TN — a red state — giving two free years of college to all TN residents), but this crop of Republicans are not the Republicans from the past.

Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln. They have sworn allegiance to the far-right base of the @GOP and they are the party of Trump.

I will no longer listen to the excuses and dumbshit I’ve heard my entire life. I’ll no longer be nice and shake my head politely when a relative or distant friend says something racist or stupid about LGBTQ. I will call each and every one of them out for the stupidity they preach.

This goes for common-sense gun regulations. Don’t come at me with some bullshit excuse that common-sense gun regulations do not work. — All you have to do is look at Europe and Australia. — It works fine for them, so obviously, laws work.

We can come together to try a few things;

  1. More money to help patients with mental illness
  2. Go back to Obama era policies banning the severely mentally ill from purchasing firearms.
  3. Better acknowledgment of serious incident reporting by FBI
  4. Military, FBI, and other agencies actually talk to one another and create one “no gun buy” database.
  5. Everyone must wait 7 days from order to pick up of a gun.
  6. Background checks on everyone who purchases a gun
  7. Middleman to facilitate person to person sales and registration of guns (just like cars)
  8. Zero bump stocks unless someone can prove a disability who cannot pull a trigger . — If anyone other than the rightful owner is caught using the bump stock, they will be jailed.
  9. Get rid of all AR15s. No one, outside the military and police, needs an AR-15.
  10. All weapons must be registered. Period!
  11. All gun owners must go through training (except military, veterans, and police). If you’ve been using a gun for an extended period of time or you are a military veteran or police, you can “test-out” but this will include watching a film on gun safety and the aftermath of gun violence.
  12. If you own a weapon, it must be part of your homeowners’ insurance. If your gun is used to harm another person (even if it was stolen) your home insurance must pay for the physical and mental damages of those affected. If you do not own your home, you must obtain separate gun insurance to ensure the expense of damages to others will be recovered by the victims and families.
  13. All items of expense will be limited to an amount which is fair. Americans will have the opportunity to own at least 3 weapons if they wish. After three guns, the price of expenses (registration and ins) will go up drastically with the number of guns a person or family owns.
  14. If you can’t afford these items, you can’t own a gun.

These are just a few of the minor changes we can make as a society to decrease deaths and mass shootings (I’ll probably add more soon). Will it eliminate all deaths? No. Of course not. Not all baby seats prevent baby deaths, but it’s against the law to carry your baby anywhere without one.

No law eliminates all crimes. Laws are created to decrease crime and make crime harder to commit.

Let’s look at exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t do meth. I’ve never done meth. I don’t plan to do meth. I have no idea how to make meth. But, because some criminals create meth, I’m forced to go to the store and show my ID, and purchase only one box of Sudafed a month for my allergies, and I can only purchase so much per year.

Do people still make meth? YES! Do people still die from meth? YES! But the reason for, what I consider, an insane law, is to get as much as the stuff off the streets and hopefully make it harder for meth makers to make a deadly drug. Does it stop all deaths? No. Not even close. But it does help.

The same goes for pain medications. I must suffer greatly because Drs have been ordered to get pain medications off the streets as much as possible to deter criminals from abusing drugs. — Yet, many disabled people suffer daily because they can’t get the pain medications they need daily. All because some fucked up criminal messed it up for the good people who need it.

So, let me tell you something. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you sleep with 50 damn guns to make your penis look longer. I don’t care if you’re never going to hurt anyone with your guns. I don’t give a shit if no lives with you, so no one will hurt anyone either.

If I have to give up my Sudafed (for my allergies) and my pain medications (which I need for many painful diseases), because some uneducated, knuckle dragging, doped up, asshole, decided to almost OD, then, by god, I honestly do not give one shit about your damn AR 15s and bump stocks which are used to murder many, including school children.

If the teens from Parkland are any indication, change is coming. Get used to it.

If you wish to read more about my thoughts on the matter, here is an interview of my opinion and answers to common sense gun regulations, written for by Anna Swartz (Twitter — @Anna_Snackz)

I hope America will come together and devise some common sense laws that will benefit everyone and keep more people safe. The least we can do is start with bump stocks and AR 15s.

But, if you don’t want to help with progress, and if you’re super sad about losing a few gun rights (and I mean very few), then, don’t worry, I will gladly send you my thoughts and prayers.


Medical Marijuana in the United States: Part 1

As many of my readers know, I support medical marijuana a.k.a. medical cannabis.

Our entire generation was bashed against the head with the whole “Say No To Drugs” campaign. It was this campaign, the war on drugs, and mandatory prison sentences for non-violent offenders, which led to the corrupt and over-burdened privatized prison system we have now. The families of the non-violent offenders and the families of very sick patients have all suffered due to the lies we were told since “Reefer Madness.” The story is long and sad, and with so many political dollars supporting The War on Drugs, it is very hard to pick apart the history from the rumors we were force-fed for so many years.

The laws are broken, the medical system is broken, and even the political process concerning legislation against marijuana is broken.

At this point, I won’t go into too many details concerning the damage which draconian marijuana laws have cost the American people, but suffice it to say, no human being should spend years on a mandatory prison sentence for a natural drug, when murderers and rapists are allowed to cut deals and many times are released after serving only a fraction of their sentence.

The laws in America are broken, and we can work to fix those laws if we get rid of mandatory prison sentencing for non-violent offenders including those using marijuana, investigate the relationship between judges and prison system owners, and increase non-judicial options for those who are first time non-violent offenders.

According to Tennessee Law , possession of any amount of marijuana, even as little as a single gram, can lead to a sentence of one year in prison with a mandatory fine between $250 and $2,500. It is important to note that a prison sentence isn’t the end of the punishment. Many times these small crimes will also come with a sentence of probation and community service, even after the prison sentence is completed.

A gram is an incredibly small amount of marijuana, yet this amount can lead to a person being put into prison and losing  their careers, their voting rights, Pell Grants for higher education, and so much more. These punishments aren’t just for a year or two, or only for the time they spend in prison and on probation, but these punishments last for their entire lives. When compared to rapists and murderers, the punishments do not always add up. Not only do small time drug offenders face all of these punishments and more, but with the laws of “property seizure” put into place, anything owned by the individual while in possession of a drug, even a gram of marijuana, can be seized by the police and sold at auction to fund their “War on Drugs” programs. Police do not seize cars, homes, or others items they find when arresting criminals involved in murder, assault, or rape. How does this seem fair? How can a small time drug offender, especially one with a drug which is legal in many states and countries, face harsher punishments than violent criminals?

Gram of marijuana

Throughout the next few weeks, I will lay out the story, from beginning to end, so you, the reader, can make an informed decision when you visit your Doctor, when you make medical decisions for your family, and most importantly, when you go to the polls in November.

While I address each issue, there are some questions we all need to ask ourselves. How is it the US government owns the patent to cannabis for medical purposes (US Patent number 6630507) and still continues to claim there are no medical values associated with medical marijuana? Why are police and communities allowed to seize the property of those who are non-violent criminals and demand mandatory sentencing for non-violent offenders, but these same policies are not put into place for violent offenders? With the huge amount of research available to the US and the world, why is medical marijuana not allowed for every man, woman, and child who needs this medication to live a more productive life and to actually survive diseases?

The American government, the FDA, and even the CDC have all been denying the truth about marijuana and how it can be used to help the people of this nation. People have died from ailments which could have been cured, patients have suffered from excruciating pain which could have been lessened with Medical Marijuana, and children with brain destroying seizures could have been saved if the US government had been honest with itself and with the public. It’s time the American people demand the truth.

I will be covering these questions, and more, in my new weekly update, Medical Marijuana in the United States.

For now, I leave you with part one of CNNs special on “Weed.” If you haven’t watched it, please do. There is a part two, and three I will share in the coming weeks.





As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!


TN lawmakers failed their people again — What the hell TN? Get your S**T together.

TN You have failed your people again!!

It is sad that in a 1st world country, the boundaries between states is what determines if someone can receive medical help or not. It is sad to know the mileage of driving from one area to another determines the level of health care a patient can receive. It is sad that a state, which professes to love life and love babies, continuously makes decisions to kill the same people they claim to protect. TN, come out of the dark ages, you look like hypocrites.