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If you wish to comment on my ratings, or suggest a movie I should watch, please do. I welcome more movies to watch.

Since becoming sick, I decided to pay for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I always wanted to have time to watch a bunch of movies, now I have that chance. I make it a point to watch a lot of TV and movies to get my money’s worth out of my subscriptions. Regular movie reviews here and “B-flicks” below.

I’m not a “real” movie reviewer. This is just for fun.

Regular Movies – In no particular order

Patch Adams with Robin Williams  – Out-freaking-standing Movie. I love anything with Robin Williams, but due to this being based on a real person, I wasn’t sure how I would like this movie. It turned out great. It is a journey of a man’s life from a deep spot in life, to knowing exactly where he wanted to be. A film about lose and victories. After watching the movie, it is fun to read the real story behind Patch Adams to see how the movie may have differed some from real life. I would watch this one again.

Good Will Hunting 

Gotta love me some Robin Williams. Good Will Hunting is fantastic! Another brilliant performance by Robin Williams and of course Matt Damon is terrific. This movie is along the lines of Patch Adams, where the hero of the movie is following their own way. They don’t fit into the world they wish to inhabit, but they are the heroes of life. The odd ball gets the girl and teaches everyone a good lesson in life and freedom of being your own person. We have seen hundreds of these types of movies, but it is the journey of how to get to the end that is special. Robin Williams and Matt Damon take us on this wonderful journey of lose, love, sadness, and in the end, finding yourself, and figuring out what is important in life, and grabbing it with all your strength. This is a good one to watch for sure.

Bird Cage 

Well, dang it. This is another fantastic movie of Robin Williams. Again, we have a family, with very non-traditional people, just trying to find their way in life, living in a very traditional world. This movie is so dang funny!! The funny parts are worth watching the show by themselves. Nathan Lane is so perfect as the dramatic “wife”, he takes over many of the scenes. In this movie, the audience learns, the people who love you during your entire life may not fit exactly in society, but true love knows no boundaries. Plus, many people may find help from the most unlikely sources. Agador Spartacus is a fantastic name which should never be forgotten! Maybe, one day, I need to use that as my stage name or something. There are some serious sad moments in this film, including the lengths that parents will go to so their kids will be happy in life and have the most opportunities available. There are also some really sad moments that any step-parent can relate to, gay or straight. Throughout the sadness, the jokes, and the politics, there are some serious life lessons to be learned from this film, including that drag queens are just so wonderful on stage (if you didn’t know that already, now you do). Many viewers were mad about the later changes in the house, but those changes needed to be made to get to the moral of the story in the end.

World War Z 

Holy cow! That was one awesome movie!! Serious Sci Fi triller! Brad Pitt was awesome and very handsome in this movie. There were some cool cameos and co-stars too.

Frozen Ground 

Great movie! I did like it, but I didn’t love it. It is a little older, but, it is worth watching, especially since it is based on a real story! Suspense is off the charts! I would watch it again.


I really like this movie, but, it is the normal guy meets girl, funny stuff happens, and guy gets girl type of movie. It is an awesome movie, but I it isn’t very deep. It is a good chick flick.


Very intense movie. Serious Drama. Yes. Watch this one.

Good Will Hunting 

As a disclaimer, I adore Robin Williams, so it’s very hard for me to say it’s a bad movie. This is so awesome. Robin Williams has perfected the “fish out of water” and “odd man out” kind of movie. I miss him so much! This was such a good movie.

The Imitation Game – A must watch!

WOW! WOW! WOW!! What a fantastic movie. If you like a love story, drama, suspense, injustice, tears, and kicking some Nazi Ass, this is the movie for you! I could not contain my laughter and my tears in this movie. This is based on a real life person, who was truly treated this badly, and that makes the movie so much more sad at the end.

B-Flicks – In no particular order

The Man From Earth

Today I am watching “The Man From Earth” on Hulu. Wow! That movie is deep, boring, interesting, and weird all at the same time. If you are looking for a “B” flick to watch, this is a pretty good one. Imagine a stage play put on film. It is located mostly in one room, with the characters moving around as normal as people would during a long conversation. No special effects, no blue screen, no stunts, just a deep conversation like you would watch during a play. I would never go to the movies to watch it, but, since it is on Hulu I am taking it all in. Very strange movie, but, incredible story, if it could be true. If you are into really odd sci-fi B-flick weird movies, with no frills, The Man From Earth is one to watch.


Parallel — Can I give a movie some negative stars? — This was a huge waste of my time. 

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! Ughhhhh…. what a waste of my time. Fantastic premise. Really great idea! But, the movie sucked. None of the plot made any sense. None of the loose ends were tied up. The movie felt like it was the pilot of a series, which was never made. If it had been a series, then, the lack of plot may have made more sense. No questions were answered, nothing lead anywhere, and the ending left you more lost then the beginning. Like I said, it was an awesome idea for a movie or a TV show, but unless they make it into a TV show, this movie alone really just sucks. — I warned you. Don’t watch this movie.


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