I need happy colors in my life

I really need this in my life before the end of 2015. The top two are my favs!

I adore color. My life has been colorless for far too many years. I need color again. Instead of blending in, I need to stand out and shine. I need to step away from the shadows and be free to be who I am.

I have run on autopilot for so many years, I lost who I was. Please understand, I am, and I was, very happy as a Mom and a Soldier, but, there are deep sacrifices each Mom must make to do both of those very well. This is especially true for those of us who have free spirits, which need to be caged to succeed at certain things in life.

It is frightening to know I gave up so much of myself to do what I needed to do, to be a successful mom and Soldier. When I finally retired from the military and the kids were grown, I discovered I was only a shell of who I was. Now, I need to reach deep and pull the old me up from the depths of darkness and grey. I need to discover the color of her spirit and let it shine.

One thought on “I need happy colors in my life

  1. I love funky hair colour too 🙂 Last year I was blue, lilac, bright purple and scarlet at varying times. This year I want to try pink and teal. The only problem for me is I have naturally dark hair with lots of auburn in it, so I have to have my hair bleached first, and I hate root regrowth, but I have a cunning plan!! I am growing my hair, then I will have the underneath layer bleached and brightly coloured 😀
    I understand your need to reclaim yourself and shine. You go for it, girl!! There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror and seeing the you that you feel on the inside visible on the outside. Hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve it again soon too (((hugs)))


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