The Monsters in my head

One of my first poems I ever wrote referred to the monsters in my head. I need to find it and share it here one day.

For today, my words are;

When you experience so much sadness, so much sorry. When you feel so much pain, pushed down into your soul. The light of your spirit is dampened by the darkness of life. The bright light becomes grey. The smile on your face, the sparkle in your eye, becomes less natural and more forced. The mask of happiness hides the fear, the darkness of life, the anger, and the screams, which must never be shown to the world. The scream must never be allowed to pass your lips. The scream will unleash all the anger and sorrow of thousands of dark nights. Don’t scream, don’t show anger, don’t show sorry, for the moment you truly allow yourself to feel these horrible, terrible, emotions, the magnitude of their power will overcome you and you will lose and never be found again. — Amy Blake

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