Shout out to my followers! I have more than 10 followers! HOLY CRAP! I have 11 Followers!

I started this blog as therapy and as a way I could cuss and my Aunt not fuss too much at me on Social media. I never once thought I would have any followers at all, but, to break 10 followers, and see today I have 11! Well, dang it! That is pretty darn cool!! If I have not commented on your sites enough, I am truly sorry, I only today figured out how the “readers” link worked, and I will be a better online partner. What I truly love about my followers is they come from many different backgrounds. Artsy, introspective, book writer, a poet, a photographer, and a few of us nerds have found each other. The one thing we all have in common is the fact we have found a medium to express our thoughts, our beliefs, and to express our beliefs in safe ways that will actually make a difference one day. We have saved ourselves through words and we have affected each other very deeply.

In real life, we may not know each other, we may not agree on everything in life, and we may not even hang out, and that is perfectly ok. We don’t have to agree on everything to support each other. But, here, in our individual blogs, we share enough of ourselves that we support each other in this adventure we call blogging. we share intimate details and we provide input and support for each other enough to go about our day, and to pursue our own interests in our own lives. That is the awesome part about blogging. We can be here just for the amount of time we need each other, then give each other a major high five, and go tackle the world in our own glorious ways! I am proud to call you my online friends! To many more days of wonderful blogging!

So, drum roll, here are my cool blogging friends! In no particular order, here are the people who think I am worth the time to follow!


  • This is Tony! I open my e-mail every day to his blog. He sends me “likes” and he updates his blog all the time, so, seeing his smile every morning gets my day started! He is a fellow nerd and geek!

  • Broken Brilliant is working through the pain and recovery of TBI and a few mental issues! Awesome blog! Give BB some love!

  • Babylonian Sweet Peas is my sister in pain! When I follow her blog, I see myself in her. We are disease sister and I look at her blog when I need to remind myself I am not crazy! LOL 🙂 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia SUCKS the life out of you! And blogging keeps many of us sane! **** Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is the name in the US, many other countries call it M.E. The US is looking at adopting this name also.

<<< You really need to teach me how to make my words different colors. 🙂 Pretty Please >>>>

  • Moon Gazer is another of my FIBRO sisters. Her blog is about her daily adventures in life, and living life in spite of this crazy disease. I love her cat!

  • Renny Dio is all about helping those in poverty situations around the world. They have some very good information on their site. They provide links to healthy options around the world. It looks like they provide link backs to other sites, but, still, the other sites seem to be very interesting. I like reading interesting things, so, like this.

  • StoriForm — HOLY COW! If you want to read some really interesting stories, and some far out stuff, this is where you need to go! I love having my mind expanded! It seems he has none of his comments opened, so I can’t tell him how much I enjoy the “out of box” thinking he has, so, I guess I need to tell him here! Yep… pretty cool and interesting stories he is writing.

  • Well, if you want to see some AMAZING photography! I love visiting this page just to see new photos uploaded! It amazes me how much talent is in this world.

  • You know when you meet someone who is slightly ADHD and Smart about EVERYTHING! Well, let me tell you, this blog has all kind of interesting History stuff on it. But, it just doesn’t end at history. There are travel pages, information pages, entertainment, and a huge menagerie of information that will keep you busy for hours!

  • Kate! — When you go to a blog, and it looks just like one of those nice home magazines you get in the mail? Well, that is how I feel when I go to Kate’s blog. I feel “at home.” I feel loved. I feel like I need to start baking or cleaning. I love her blog as something very comfortable. Like an old sweater or a comfy blanket. Very nice indeed. Go here when the rest of the world is terrible. You will leave here smiling. 🙂

  • Steve is a fellow Veteran. As a Veteran, I too found it hard to transition to the civilian world. I read everything I could find and followed all the rules, still transition is hard. Steve’s blog is a way for Veterans to find their center in a world full of Chaos. This is a great place for fellow Veterans to find friends and to find others who are looking for their own way.

Thank you all for following me and thinking my BLOG was worthy of your time!

Much respect to all of you!


PS — My Number 11 follower link was broken! But, when the link is fixed, I will give them a shout out also! 🙂