Sunday Funday – Writing and Painting, and Photography, Oh My!

On top of my medical issues, I live with anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD. Seriously, no joke. I’m always a bundle of nerves. There are days even I can’t stand being around me. To find my center, I keep a variety of hobbies available at all times. I set goals, and I tackle them a little each day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Note 1: My life depends on a constant supply of Post-it notes. Seriously! They need to sponsor me.

Today I went full ADHD and worked on all three hobbies without losing my mind in the process.

Note 2: When it comes to hobbies, it’s perfectly acceptable to go full ADHD and have fun with as many as you wish, but plan your time carefully, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

What’s great about writing, painting, and photography and living with ADHD is I’m able to set the amount of time I need to finish each project. I can decide what size project I’m going to work on depending on how I feel that day.

When it takes weeks to finish something, I get bored and hate the project before it’s completed (I have no clue how I created children without getting bored. Those little humans take nine months to create!) Small projects, which can be completed in a few days, or less than a week, are fun for me and make me happy.

I’m having fun painting today, but I think the art on my hands is better than my canvas.

Paint on my hand

Photo by Amanda Blount


Until next time…Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

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My book for my birthday. Time to “Get er dun”

The time is very near. Follow my journey into the self doubting, self abusive, mentally tiring thing we call writing.

31July2016 at midnight starts my 31 day marathon writing month. I’ll still pop in from time to time to update how I’m doing, and to take a mental break (some of my stories are super heavy), but this is my birthday present to myself.

I’m not buying myself anything “normal.” I’m paying for editors and artwork. (Unlike some people think, books don’t create themselves for free).

I’m not going out this month. I’ll be writing. The only reason I might go out is to hunt Pokemon, but only to write about them and to take those highly needed mental breaks I mentioned above.

I’m sure there will be lots of coffee, Monster drinks, and sandwiches eaten this month. When I’m done, I will celebrate with the drink of writers. I plan to purchase the best bottle of Scotch a novice writer can afford (does good Scotch come in Airplane sized bottles?) and take photos with it.

I’ve been writing and experimenting with Photography since before I can remember, so it’s time to put these passions to work.

If my phone goes to voice mail (which I don’t have set up), there are about 5 different ways people can contact me (Facebook, Twitter, text, email, blog, carrier pigeon, and my goodness, even regular mail stills delivers to my house).

I promise that I will call and email everyone back, at least every other day, twice on Sunday if I’m lucky. 🙂

For the real fans!

My first book is pretty tame compared to what I normally write about. This book is going to be about the animals in my life. It is not a children’s book at all, but real life, heart wrenching stories of love and loss, and how animals go on this journey with us. There are stories of happiness, joy, sadness, and of course, as with all animals in our lives, there are stories of tragic death. There are even a few scary stories, which include spiders and snakes.

If anyone would like to follow my writing journey and be some of the first fans know when my book will be published, feel free to join my blog and provide an email for First Look updates.

Here is the first update on my journey.


*** Seriously, you can provide a “spam” email, that’s okay with me. 🙂 I know I do when I join stuff. But I promise not to over load your email with constant updates. That’s what Facebook is for! 🙂

The reason for the email is, when my book is eventually published, the people registered for email will receive first look, discounts, and there are plans for signed postcards of animal photos I haven’t published yet, and other goodies I haven’t come up with yet.

Also, don’t fret too much. I know my grammar and spelling is sometimes horrifying, but that’s what great editors are for. They make writers, like me, look good. 🙂

Wish me luck.


Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

The truth behind Pokemon GO: You have permission to be silly and creative

I get it. I really do. You’re contemplating using your $500 smart phone to play a child’s game and you’re not sure how to feel about this.

You want to look down your nose at all the groups running around having fun, but secretly you’re kind of jealous you’re not with them. You want to scream at people who are throwing caution to the wind, but you realize, while sitting at the red light, after 12 hours at the office and another two hours in traffic, you can’t remember the last time you went outside for anything other than picking up dog poo, and let’s face it, that isn’t the fun part of owning a dog.

Your skin is pasty, your vitamin D is low, you’re cranky, and you haven’t tried anything new since the twins were born. This is your life and it’s a good one. You are the perfect mother. You get up, get the kids ready, kiss your spouse, drop the kids off, drive to work, earn tons of money, and at the end of the day, you get to kick back in the very nice home you have worked so hard for. But you realize something is missing. You no longer have the spark you once had. You are no longer creative. Your life is on auto-pilot and for awhileDead inside meme that was just fine with you, but now, you feel dull and listless.

What is missing from your life is creativity, family time, and adventure. All the things you see others enjoying and you want that too. You see everyone talking about chasing fictional characters and at first you thought it was incredibly stupid, but 3 days into this craze, and you’re thinking there might be something to this mess.

You thought you could only get those things from a vacation, a trip to a museum, or an expensive hobby teaching you to meditate or paint pretty pictures while drinking wine. While all of those things are very nice, you know your whole family can’t do all those things together and many of those hobbies are inside, which is the exact opposite of what you’re looking for in a family adventure.

So, while you watch, with aggravation, those teens dangerously crossing the road or a group of adults running down the sidewalk, you reach over, touch your phone, and wonder if you can put aside you pride and join the outrageous fun too? Yes. Yes, you can.

You can be a professional adult and enjoy a child’s game. We humans are flexible like that.

How did you get here? Don’t worry. All of America, Australia, and the other early entry countries are wondering the same thing.

You probably ended up here just like the rest of us. You were curious, all your friends are doing it, and it’s free. It’s okay. We were all where you were too. We were also worried about safety and wasting time on another game app, which will probably lose popularity very soon.

>>> Break for a PSA <<<

Pokemon Memes

** Hint: As adults, there are very important safety measures to take while playing the game and I will cover these in an upcoming post, but, until then, just remember, all internet rules apply. Don’t tell strangers where you are and don’t send out beacons to your location. If you follow normal internet safety rules, the game is fun and educational. **

>>>> Back to regular programming <<<

You thought you were immune to fads such as this. You thought you were above childish games. You thought you were a mature, accomplished, professional adult, secure in your dislike for silly smart phone apps. Oregon Trail was the last video game you played and even then you only played it because it was educational.

Now, you’re bombarded with this Pokemon craze and you wonder is this is a good thing or a bad thing? But you have no clue how to find out without looking dumb.

There you are. You’re at work, minding your own business, and all of a sudden someone is standing over your shoulder. Jim, from sales, runs over to your cubicle, gleefully pointing his phone directly at your desk, pushing buttons on his screen, and having a complete conversation with an entity you can’t see. His smiles and says, “Gotcha!” He smiles at you, turns around, and goes about his day like nothing happened. You’re completely shocked. You look at your desk, you look to where he stood, you look back at your desk, and you shake your head in disbelief. You go back to typing that boring sales report wondering what in the hell just happened.

You stop and stare at your computer and think about this a moment.

One thing you noticed is Jim’s smile. Jim hasn’t smiled since the Bush administration, and after all this time, you’re not sure which Bush made him smile, but you’re pretty sure Jim Grumpy old man memeonly smiles when he hears the name Bush or Reagan, and only in the context of politics, never concerning the movies President Reagan was in, which Jim denies ever happened.
You know Jim never leaves his own area to visit other co-workers, even when Sally went into labor at her desk, or when Jack jumped on a table and proposed to Diane, Jim kept to himself, like a hamster on a wheel, continuing to stare at his work with all the joy and happiness of Eeyore. You know you’ve never seen him move very fast. He never moves faster than his chair can roll him from his desk to his filing cabinet. He is still famous for rolling his chair all the way to the break room, on the second floor, just so he didn’t have to break in a new pair of shoes. Seeing him up and moving, and of all things, smiling, baffles and almost scares you.

So, what is this Pokémon Go stuff? Why are grown, normally professional, adults, running around parks, stores, and even bathrooms, capturing invisible creatures which went out of style years ago?

You can’t escape the information. It’s on social media, it’s in the news, and everyone at work is discussing their levels, gyms, and fun family outings they have planned. Between the wars, deaths, and horrors of the world, there are these stories of people getting out of their homes for the first time, families walking together, and groups forming for friendship and collecting creatures.

How can you ignore all this wonderful fun? You realize you can’t.

You look around, grab your purse, sneak to the bathroom, check each stall, and secure the lock in the stall farthest from the door. You reach in your purse, slowly retrieve your phone, and with shaky hands, you log into your app account. You almost change your mind. Your finger is right above the install button and you are more than ready to forget this whole mess and go back to work (this is your lunch hour… Yes, of course it is).

You look at your phone and remember the smile on Jim’s face. You want that feeling. You want what he has. Life has been so burdensome lately and business reports sure aren’t making you feel silly or inspired anymore. What could it hurt just to try it this once?

You wrestle with the decision. You think, “How will it look for a professional woman driving all over town playing a silly child’s game? Would you still be respected if you asked your kids to catch Pokemon while you drive?” When could you play the game and not look silly? No one will have to know. You can play it a few minutes during lunch or on your walk after work. If this isn’t for you, you could always quit. You can always delete the app from your phone and there will be no trace you ever played. No one would be the wiser.

We’ve been right where you are.

If it makes you feel any better, there are reports of this game helping with depression, bringing people together, getting people out of the house, and yes, you did read the news correctly, someone did find a dead body while out hunting Pokeman. But think about this, had the woman not been hunting Pokeman, it may have been months or years before the man was found. At least now his family has closure. This game brought a family closure so they can move on with grieving. That is a wonderful outcome.

Being the person you are I’m sure you know people live longer and much happier and healthier lives when they have social groups to spend time with and get at least 15 minutes of sun a day. Well this game takes care of those issues all in one app.

You can set up times when you and your family go walking, and the kids will certainly want to go with you. Being the professional that you are, you could even set up a reward system for your kids on how far they walk and how many times they walk with friends and family.

You can set up competitions in your household and with other neighbors. You can plan backyard parties where others can come to your home and capture the Pokemon which live in your bushes and your pool. Maybe your neighborhood could plan progressive dinners, and each group captures Pokemon at each location. Make the games about growing and sharing. Your children and neighbors will see you as creative and fun.

Make plans to take the family to a bigger city and see all the wonderful sites around town. Make it a point to stop by each major site featured on the game and take the time to go in and shop, or if it’s museum, go see something new.

While having fun, don’t forget the wonderful photography function of the game. It’s really my favorite part of the whole game. Catch Pokemon doing all kinds of crazy stuff and add
your children and pets to the fun set up. Challenge your children, friends, and neighbors to wacky photo competitions.


See more of my own examples here:

Life is hard enough as it is. Plus, there is always so much sadness in the news, give yourself permission to be fun, silly, and childlike, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. It’s good for your health, and happiness, and the happiness of your family too.

As you stand there, wondering if you are ready to jump on the bandwagon of a silly game, turn around, check your hip. See that small rose tattoo right at the edge of your smart $200 dress pants? Remember the fun of being young, carefree, and creative? You can have that again. It’s time to bring back a little silliness in your life. Plus, an app isn’t a forever reminder of your college trip to Vegas.

Now, go ahead, push install, and then go steal all Jim’s Pokemon! Who knows? He might smile knowing someone has come to visit him for a change.


Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.


Medical Marijuana in the United States: Part 1

As many of my readers know, I support medical marijuana a.k.a. medical cannabis.

Our entire generation was bashed against the head with the whole “Say No To Drugs” campaign. It was this campaign, the war on drugs, and mandatory prison sentences for non-violent offenders, which led to the corrupt and over-burdened privatized prison system we have now. The families of the non-violent offenders and the families of very sick patients have all suffered due to the lies we were told since “Reefer Madness.” The story is long and sad, and with so many political dollars supporting The War on Drugs, it is very hard to pick apart the history from the rumors we were force-fed for so many years.

The laws are broken, the medical system is broken, and even the political process concerning legislation against marijuana is broken.

At this point, I won’t go into too many details concerning the damage which draconian marijuana laws have cost the American people, but suffice it to say, no human being should spend years on a mandatory prison sentence for a natural drug, when murderers and rapists are allowed to cut deals and many times are released after serving only a fraction of their sentence.

The laws in America are broken, and we can work to fix those laws if we get rid of mandatory prison sentencing for non-violent offenders including those using marijuana, investigate the relationship between judges and prison system owners, and increase non-judicial options for those who are first time non-violent offenders.

According to Tennessee Law , possession of any amount of marijuana, even as little as a single gram, can lead to a sentence of one year in prison with a mandatory fine between $250 and $2,500. It is important to note that a prison sentence isn’t the end of the punishment. Many times these small crimes will also come with a sentence of probation and community service, even after the prison sentence is completed.

A gram is an incredibly small amount of marijuana, yet this amount can lead to a person being put into prison and losing  their careers, their voting rights, Pell Grants for higher education, and so much more. These punishments aren’t just for a year or two, or only for the time they spend in prison and on probation, but these punishments last for their entire lives. When compared to rapists and murderers, the punishments do not always add up. Not only do small time drug offenders face all of these punishments and more, but with the laws of “property seizure” put into place, anything owned by the individual while in possession of a drug, even a gram of marijuana, can be seized by the police and sold at auction to fund their “War on Drugs” programs. Police do not seize cars, homes, or others items they find when arresting criminals involved in murder, assault, or rape. How does this seem fair? How can a small time drug offender, especially one with a drug which is legal in many states and countries, face harsher punishments than violent criminals?

Gram of marijuana

Throughout the next few weeks, I will lay out the story, from beginning to end, so you, the reader, can make an informed decision when you visit your Doctor, when you make medical decisions for your family, and most importantly, when you go to the polls in November.

While I address each issue, there are some questions we all need to ask ourselves. How is it the US government owns the patent to cannabis for medical purposes (US Patent number 6630507) and still continues to claim there are no medical values associated with medical marijuana? Why are police and communities allowed to seize the property of those who are non-violent criminals and demand mandatory sentencing for non-violent offenders, but these same policies are not put into place for violent offenders? With the huge amount of research available to the US and the world, why is medical marijuana not allowed for every man, woman, and child who needs this medication to live a more productive life and to actually survive diseases?

The American government, the FDA, and even the CDC have all been denying the truth about marijuana and how it can be used to help the people of this nation. People have died from ailments which could have been cured, patients have suffered from excruciating pain which could have been lessened with Medical Marijuana, and children with brain destroying seizures could have been saved if the US government had been honest with itself and with the public. It’s time the American people demand the truth.

I will be covering these questions, and more, in my new weekly update, Medical Marijuana in the United States.

For now, I leave you with part one of CNNs special on “Weed.” If you haven’t watched it, please do. There is a part two, and three I will share in the coming weeks.





As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!


I need happy colors in my life

I really need this in my life before the end of 2015. The top two are my favs!

I adore color. My life has been colorless for far too many years. I need color again. Instead of blending in, I need to stand out and shine. I need to step away from the shadows and be free to be who I am.

I have run on autopilot for so many years, I lost who I was. Please understand, I am, and I was, very happy as a Mom and a Soldier, but, there are deep sacrifices each Mom must make to do both of those very well. This is especially true for those of us who have free spirits, which need to be caged to succeed at certain things in life.

It is frightening to know I gave up so much of myself to do what I needed to do, to be a successful mom and Soldier. When I finally retired from the military and the kids were grown, I discovered I was only a shell of who I was. Now, I need to reach deep and pull the old me up from the depths of darkness and grey. I need to discover the color of her spirit and let it shine.

Medical Marijuana – Weed 3 — Living with dignity and less pain

If you have anyone in your family who is sick with any severe condition, please, watch this video.

No matter what your views are on the recreational use of marijuana, the use of medical marijuana can no longer be ignored. People, including children, are being saved daily with the use of medical marijuana. This is happening all over the world and is finally being allowed in the US.

88,000 people die every year from alcohol alone (that doesn’t include the domestic abuse injuries and deaths alcohol causes), 16,007 people died from OPIOD overdoses in 2012 alone, yet, Marijuana, when used alone, killed ZERO people, EVER. Let’s stop lying to ourselves, we were duped into believing that marijuana was worse than alcohol, or even tobacco. 

There have been cases when children have accidently ingested their parents marijuana. What happened? Nothing. They went to the ER and had a bad trip. Was it a scary situation? You bet. They need an IV for dehydration, and some serious amounts of snacks after coming down, but, all in all, they were fine. What happened when children ingested too much alcohol? There have been cases when children have actually died from too much alcohol. This includes college students and teens who have died from alcohol poisoning. Yet, alcohol is everywhere and easily accessible, and marijuana, even medical marijuana is made to look like it comes from the devil himself.

I am not saying marijuana is safe. It is not. It is a drug. Just like all drugs, it should be respected, but, if we are going to allow something as dangerous as alcohol to be made in our father’s bathtubs, or to be kept on the kitchen counter, please don’t be a hypocrite and fight against something like medical marijuana, which could actually save lives.

The FDA and the US GOV is finally studying it, but, Israel has been studying medical marijuana, and using it for their patients, for many, many years.

Medical Marijuana does help with PTSD, Severe Pain, MS, RA, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Depression, Wasting Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s, and many more issues can be helped with medical marijuana.

For my entire life (44 years) I was against all illegal drugs. There was nothing good about anything that was illegal. In some sense I was right. In all cases, there is no reason to let any drug, alcohol, marijuana, or any other drug, to ruin your life. I still believe that. If you allow anything to stop you from becoming a productive member of society or taking care of your family, then you need to readdress what you are doing, and find a new way. You can’t break the law just because you think it is unfair. If your job does not allow medical marijuana, or even cigarettes, you either need to stop doing those things, or make the decision to move states. You need to be a truly productive member of society and care for yourself and your family first. YOu can either move for medical help or work to change the laws where you live, but, I digress.

When I was younger I was strictly against all illegal substances, and I believed everything I saw on TV. There was no medical value in illegal drugs. Then in 2011, I got hurt in Iraq and about the same time, I also became very sick. The military opened my eyes to how much control medical professionals have over pain meds and your body. You become a slave to pain meds, which means you become a slave to the medical machine and the medical machine are slaves to politicians and the random laws. I am not even referring to something as serious as addiction. I am just referring to the relationship between a patient and a doctor. If a patient does or says anything that displeases the doctor, or if the doctor has a bad day, that patient’s entire medical case can be changed at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t even stop at the doctor. The politicians, the FDA, the ADA, even KOCH brothers have their hands in everything that deals with your medications and what is prescribed or approved at any one time. Once a patients becomes sick, the hard truth is, the prescriptions which are allowed or approved by the FDA are all controlled by money. Plain and simple money.

At any time, a politician can be bought or sold by the Koch brothers, or any other big super pac backer, and very quickly my pain medications can be changed and outlawed and I have zero control in how my medicine is handled at the federal and state level. Worse, if my medical provider decides for a personal reason, not a medical reason, to stop prescribing medications, then I have to find a new doctor, or suffer withdrawals and suffer excruciating pain, which is exactly what happened to me. No warning. No help. No titrating down. One day my medical provider decided he wasn’t going to provide narcotics anymore and that was that. His patients had to suffer or find new doctors, which is never an easy process.

As a chronic pain patient, which true severe pain conditions, my entire life is controlled at the politician and medical provider level. When my own medical provider decided to select his own life over mine, I knew then I had to fight for my own well being. That is when I started researching natural pain medications. I found that medical marijuana had been used for thousands of years for joint related pain diseases, such as RA and gout, or other pain disorders. Even now, the US owns a Patent on Medical Marijuana for their own researchers to do tests on the plants. They even have their own fields where they grow only the best plants to test on (which is shown in the video) . — This leads me to believe they know it will work for the listed medical issues (again shown in the video) . I do not like my life being controlled by politicians and big money. I don’t think a patient should be a slave to big pharmaceutical companies, to politicians, and then to the whims and personal agendas of medical providers. A patient has the right to live in dignity. Now, I am a huge supporter of medical marijuana and I fight everyday to change the laws so every patient, in every state, has the same rights to live in dignity and even die with dignity, and less pain.