Frida Kahlo and Pain

Today has been shit. Just shit. I spent two days going like crazy, then I spent two days with my brain screaming out in pain. Of course, I don’t scream. If I screamed the way I felt, someone would lock me away in a shiny new room, with pretty white walls. So, I write.

My writing might be crap on days like this, but mostly I’m able to pull together a few sentences which adhere to the English language. It’s always a struggle. I want to write coherently, but it’s either I’m sleepy from medications or in pain because I did not take the medications on time. That balance always leaves me frustrated and pissed off.

Hello, Fate! This was not the future I planned for, and it sure wasn’t the body I wanted. I want an exchange.

One of the fun things I really do enjoy is looking at art. I’ve always admired how other humans can put together colors in what seems like random spots, yet, in the end it turns out so perfectly.

Two of my favorite artists are Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. They inspire me when I feel my worst. I have to remember, even when they felt nothing but pain, agony, and shame, they produced great works of art, which are breath taking. I may never be a Van Gogh or a Frida, but I can admire their work and draw inspiration from their stories and their work.

Just for the record, I feel like this today……


Frida Kahlo

There is pain, then there is PAIN! The constant change of the weather is pulling and pushing my inner body in ways which feel like some mid-evil torture chamber. Sometimes I think if there were no weather changes, I could face the constant drum of pain, then I remember, there is no place without weather changes, and this is going to be my life, day in and day out.

So, I go to sleep. In my dreams I hope and pray the weather does become nicer in time. I can only hope my pain decreases from this scream to a manageable roar.

Until then, I will somehow put words together in coherent sentences, and call it writing. Maybe Frida and Vincent would be proud.

Until next time….. Be safe, be kind, and always be happy.



4 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo and Pain

  1. Fellow 8 year sufferer of Fibromyalgia here. I can completely sympathize. I live in the worst place possible for Fibro sufferers. In Wisconsin next to Lake Michigan where Spring and Fall are bipolar and winters extreme. Do you find that high humidity and high dew point make symptoms worse? Sudden changes in barometric pressure? Those are triggers for me. My fibro flares are more accurate than a weatherman. I’ve found that places like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, where it is dry, no humidity and low dew point make my symptoms drastically minimized. I’m to the point where I’m thinking about doing a trial move to California or Arizona so see if it helps. Places with high humidity and dew point, like Cancun/Riviera Maya and Florida or D.C. are the worst triggers for my Fibro.


    • Oh goodness! I’m so sorry. I have only been suffering with my crazy medical issues since 2011. At least that is when I went down for the count and ended up at the doctor’s office. I’m like you. I need some sunshine. I’m not sure about my triggers. I know cold and damp is not my friend. I don’t really know if that is due to my RA or Fibro, but when a storm is coming through, I might as well stay in bed, because my day will be unproductive. It’s been very hard to accept this new life of mine. Thank goodness for the internet and blogs. Without them I don’t know what I would do. I live in TN, so I’m looking at Florida. I know the storms there are crazy, but my friend, who also has painful diseases, has a warm pool in her backyard year round, and that makes all the difference in her pain levels. When she is not feeling well, it doesn’t matter the month of the year, or the time of day (or night) she jumps in and feels better. I hope you have a better week and month. — Soft Hugs!

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