Protesting in America

Protesting in America;


TBT - Me in DC 2010

One of the things I miss, from being younger, is protesting.

Not just the whole POTUS protesting thing. I probably wouldn’t go to one of those. But I would gladly get vocal on local causes or state causes.

There is a feeling I love about not only having the right to stand up for something I believe in, but also getting out and holding signs and letting my voice counts.

Some people might think it’s a waste of time, or it looks silly standing on the Capitol steps, or even a Town Hall steps, holding signs for random causes, but to me it’s a pretty awesome feeling.

As long as we are peaceful about it, It’s one of the acts, as Americans, we can get out and do, and not worry about being hunted down, or arrested for our voice.

I know America is in a mess at the moment, and we are all over the news for crazy stuff during protests, but the world doesn’t see the small groups standing in front of the court houses, the lone protester standing by their home, or a group of young mother’s standing on the state capitol steps, letting the politicians know what they want in their area.

Those are the photos and the films which should be shown to the world. Those are the people who make the real change in everyday communities, cities, and states. That is what it means to be American.

It shouldn’t be about race, sex, or class, it should be about making America better for everyone. Making a country better for everyone, isn’t going to look the same for everyone, and this is where peaceful rallies and protests come in. I don’t care if someone agrees with my stance on an issue or not, but I do care if they have the right to voice their opinion in a legal manner.

I may not agree with someone, but I will fight for their right to voice their opinion just as loudly as I will voice mine.

Now that the weather is warmer, I need to get out and support a rally and join a protest. I need to take lots of photos of even the smallest rallies, so the world can see how regular everyday people are accomplishing huge things, even with the smallest voices.

So, the next time you want to change something, the next time you disagree with something, or the next time you see someone being treated ugly and unfairly, let your voice be heard. Create a FB page, write a letter to the editor, and always keep some poster board around, and make a sign!

When the smallest voices are allowed to be heard, that is America.


Until next time….. Be safe, be kind, and always be happy.



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