A Writer’s Internet Search History: How many “watch lists” are you on?

In one week, I’ve searched the following terms;

Worm farming, honey suckle, auto trader, sex trafficking, UFOs, ancient aliens, mold and stain remover, being naked in your home laws, naked gardening day, bathroom gender laws, cornbread recipes, increase your level of Vitamin D, length of time for a body to decompose, and human survival time without breathing.

How have I survived the week without the FBI knocking down my door?

Hey, Stargate SG1 is also in my search history, so it isn’t all bad.

BTW — Very few of these subjects were related to the other, but, when taking out of context, I would hate to see what a jury would say about this.

Hummm…. Opening another tab and now I’m searching, “How to search “incognito?”

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

(and use incognito when researching stories)

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