Cut The Cord On Toxic Relationships! Protect Yourself From Any and All Abuse.

Women, listen up.

I’m literally shaking with anger.

I’ve had an ex kind-of stalking me on social media. Nothing to the point of “crazy” but worrisome.

He’s got a few mental issues. I’ve been as kind to his issues as I could be, but only because I knew him for a very long time, considered him a friend, and mental issues are hard to handle alone.

The conversations and messages soon turned insulting, possessive, demanding, and full of anger.

So, not only did I ignore him, but I muted his messages. He recently became demanding that I answer him right away.

He immediately reminded me of trump.

I spent my childhood living through mental and physical abuse and because that’s all I knew, I grew up to marry men who mentally and physically abused women.

I grew strong. I left those situations behind and never looked back.

I’m super protective over my freedom. I’m confident and mentally strong. No asshole will come in my life and try to take my freedom from me.

He’s now 💯 percent blocked from all my social media.

No friendship is worth abuse.

I have zero regrets for what he might do to himself. He’s a grown man. I am not his keeper, his counselor, nor am I his punching bag.

*I did contact his friend to let him know this guy was spiraling, but as the victim of this toxic person, it is not my job to keep him safe. When trying to cut from a toxic person, it’s not your job either.*

Ladies, protect yourself from all forms of abuse, including mental abuse. The moment a man (or woman ) takes a conversation to the level of making you feel uncomfortable, cut them completely out of your life.

Their happiness is not your responsibility.

– Rant over –

Until next time…Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

** Protect yourself from abusive and toxic relationships **

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Nurse is terrified while a detective attacks & arrests her for doing her job.

I’m going to say I haven’t been this angry in a very long time. The abuse of power, and the nurse’s fear, I see in this video makes me so angry I’m shaking. Fear is a primal reaction when seeing someone, who is supposed to be calm and professional, flip to acting out of control and abusive. I feel her fear. I’m still disgusted with the police who arrested her and even more so with the police who stood around and did nothing.

Nurse calmly tells policeman why she cannot comply with his request (it’s breaking the law). What happens next is terrifying.

** Warning: Trigger warning for those who’ve been attacked or wrongly arrested before

Short version of the video –

Complete version of video  – audio starts at 36 seconds.

In this video, at 11:30, you will see sexism and mansplaining in the worst possible way. The second police on the scene is talking down to her and explaining the law to her, but he is the one who is wrong. We women face this kind of shit everyday.


My comments on the video:

*Please forgive the amount of comments and cursing. I had a lot to say.

This is what Gov. Gary Herbert had to say about the incident.

Words from Salt Lake Police Department


UTAH statement about nurse


There are thousands of comments about this incident, so I gabbed a few from Twitter.

Many people were calling for the Detective to be fired.

Others talked about prior issues with the police at this hospital.

And many others praised the nurse on how she handled herself


Biskupski said in her statement she watched the video of the incident.

“What I saw is completely unacceptable to the values of my Administration and of the values of the Salt Lake City Police Department. I extend a personal apology to Ms. Wubbles for what she has been through for simply doing her job.”


If you wish to know more about this incident and the follow-up story, here are a few news links.

Salt Lake mayor calls nurse arrest unacceptable

If you’re as furious as I am about the detective abusing his power over the nurse, please submit a complaint. You don’t have to give your #.

Complaint form to SLCPD

I have a huge amount of respect for policemen / women everywhere. Their jobs are hard enough without the unprofessional members bringing unwanted attention to their job. This is why it’s so important to get rid of the “Blue Line” mentality. Weeding out the bad police members will allow better recruits to join the force. With better employees wearing badges, the professional ranks of the police can work to do their jobs and not work everyday watching their backs.

No matter who you are. If you see police brutality or abuse of power, speak up.

Together we can make the force safer for everyone.


Until next time…Be safe, be kind, be happy, and take time to love one another. We’re all in this together.



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Amy and Adam: War on Women. Why do people still think this isn’t a thing?

Amy and Adam: The War on Women.

Why do people still think this isn’t a thing?

The way Amy Schumer is being treated, after a confrontation with a fan, compared to the way The Rock and Adam Levine were treated by the public, after their fan confrontations, is just one more example of the War on Women.

Until a woman’s space and body is treated with the same respect as a man, I will continue to call it the “War on Women.”

I don’t give a flip about what she talks about in her comedy skits (both men have done much worse), her body and her time is just that, HERS! She is not owned by anyone and she owes nothing to the fans who demand it.

Adam and The Rock were supported by the public, even calling the perpetrator a criminal and said both men had every right to never talk to their fans again. many fans even gave solid advice on how and why both men should file many criminal charges on the man who attacked them.

On the other hand, a big man, comes rushing Amy, a year after her movie last year was used as the catalyst for a mentally unstable, misogynistic, jerk to murder and harm people in the theater. Not only was the shooter known to have long term mental issues and an arrest record of dangerous behavior, but he was on the radio spouting public disdain for women. Some of the listeners enjoyed his message, even supporting his radical views.

How can Amy trust anyone running up to her and demanding her attention with society continues to support people with views such as the shooter supported? She can’t.

After the incredibly hard year she has had (with death threats and sadness over the film shooting) she was terrified of the sudden man in her face, demanding her attention, yet, since this incident, she has been called a bitch, slut, and even worse names because of her comedy and her movies and that she “deserved” to be attacked and she was owned by the public. There have even been people (men and women) to state she should never act again if she can’t handle the pressure of people groping her and wanting photos with her. Many explanations include, “it was only a photo” and “she is making a big deal of nothing.” Really? A strange man rushing up to a woman in a grocery store parking lot, then demanding a photo with said woman, would be considered harassment and the police would be called.

This is the problem with society. Amy had a REAL horrific event happen in her life, where not only was her image and movie used by a mad man as the reason he committed murder, but she has spent a year being verbally attacked by society for how it was her fault for making such a trashy movie and “forcing” this man to make a statement about such movies. Again, let’s back up a few years to when radio stations put this crazy man on the air, and used his sexist ways to garner shock, awe, and laughter from the public. He was already known to be mentally unstable and maladjusted, but Amy gets harassed from the public concerning her comedy and her movies for being too lewd.

Does anyone have any idea how stupid that sounds? Not only is society victim blaming, but they aren’t even victim blaming the right person. She wasn’t even there. No one blamed Christian Bale for the Batman theater shooting (of course they shouldn’t), but many trolls blamed Amy for her role in making a really funny movie, showing an independent woman finding her way in life.

No one blamed Christian Bale for being the star in a movie showing a rich orphan taking justice in his own hands and outright killing bad guys. Of course they shouldn’t. It’s a movie. An insane lunatic decided to take away the spotlight from both Amy and Christian, and turn a moment of happiness into a moment of horror. This is on the killer, not on the actor and actresses.

No it’s not Amy fault a man entered a movie to shoot people and it’s not her fault she refused to take a photo from an obviously abrupt and disturbed man. Again, this man rushed to her and demanded a photo with her, then claimed he owned her and she owed him her attention. That is a clear sign of mental illness. Hell NO! She doesn’t owe him anything.

Let me put a myth to something, being a “Feminist” isn’t about hating men, it’s about educating society on the ways women are treated so differently than men (by men and even other women) that it makes my brain hurt.

So, let me set something straight here, no man nor woman, no matter how famous they are (or not famous at all), owes shit to anyone else unless they decide, on their own, to give the time to address the other person.

I’m going to say this again for those in the back, no one in life owes you shit! Not your mama, daddy, sister, brother, and certainly not the people who you’ve never even met before. When you see a woman (or a man) you would like to speak to, all manners apply, even when the person is super famous.

Let me explain it this way, even if a completely naked woman is walking down the street, screaming sexual speeches, has money attached to her body, and hundreds of people are getting excited by this site, she doesn’t owe anyone anything. A normal person would ask her for a photo, ask her if they could touch her, or ask her if they could be seen with her. Insane people (with no manners) assume what she is doing allows another person to enter her personal space and attack her.

One more time, no one owes anyone SHIT! Nothing. Nada. Zero. Capeesh?

If anyone, man or woman, comes rushing me and demands anything from me, I will tell that person right away, get the hell away from me, and never come back.

Amy has the same rights as anyone else on this planet. She is a person, not a thing.

I applaud her for how she has conducted herself this year and she has every right to be frightened of people (especially men) running up to her like the fan did. In fact, after all that has been thrown in her lap, I wouldn’t doubt if she has moderate PTSD, and society isn’t helping her by attacking her and harassing her even more. If she never made another public appearance, it wouldn’t be because she is weak, it would be because some people are assholes, and don’t deserve the right to see her light in public. She needs to care for herself, not the dicks of the world.

Amy, I support you. I know you are a fantastic person, working for women’s right everywhere, and I love what you are doing. If you never want to talk to another fan, I totally support that too.

Now, if everyone could please learn the rules we were all supposed to learn in Kindergarten, “Keep your hands to yourself”, I think the world would be a much better place.


Until next time… be safe, be kind, and always be happy!

(and for those who are dicks to celebrities, it’s simple, #stopbeingadick)

#heforshe #himforher #waronwomen #keepyourhandstoyourself #stopbeingadick


Medical Cannabis Conversation

Over the last few years I’ve had many conversations concerning Medical Cannabis, some of those conversations were with medical professionals. For many, is seems, they can’t think outside the propaganda the FDA sells them.

This is why I can’t take medical marijuana protest people seriously,

The FDA, the CDC, big pharmacies, and many organizations have no monetary incentive to support medical cannabis (not yet), so they don’t. With all the research of medical cannabis around the world and even in the US, politicians still say it’s not enough and they demand more. Yet, they make it hard to obtain research on medical cannabis due to the insane cycle which state cannabis can’t be studied because it’s still listed as schedule 1, the same level as Heroin and LSD.

About a year ago, I a crazy conversation with one of my nurses.

We were talking about all the prescriptions I am on, and I said how dangerous they are. Yet, maybe I could get rid of a few of them if MM was legal in our state.

Me: Medical Marijuana has TONS of medical use. Medical Marijuana has been shown to help with many diseases, MS, Childhood Seizure, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, everyone on cancer treatments could be saved, and senior citizens feel so much better because they are able to sleep and get real rest, plus so much more.

Nurse: But, it damages the brains in teenagers when used in high doses, so it should be banned.

Me: (SHOCKED LOOK!) — Well, I’m sure as a medical professional you would not give medical marijuana in high doses to someone in the teenage bracket, right? You also don’t give certain medications to pregnant women because of dangers, correct? Plus, and this is proven, chronic pain damages the brain of all ages, babies, teens, adults, and senior citizens (and ME!!), so you want to ban a medication that does more good than bad, because it is bad for the brains of normal teens? Really?

Nurse: Yes.

Me. But, alcohol is highly abused for teenagers, and college kids die every year from alcohol abuse, even when they are old enough to drink it. Plus, alcohol has very few medical purposes and causes more harm than good. Do you want to ban alcohol from everyone to save the children? You’re a nurse, you see the damage alcohol has done to babies and to children, you see the deaths at colleges, you see the deaths of all the people who die in DUIs? Don’t you want to ban something that has no medical use.

Nurse: No. Of course not. Alcohol is regulated but the FDA (It isn’t, but I let that slide) and medical marijuana isn’t regulated by anyone. It will only be used to get high. It’s a gateway drug to more bad behavior and I hope it stays illegal.

ME: (Just shaking my head.) Well, then, you and all the professionals, who believe the same, have been gravely misinformed.

At this point, I asked for another nurse. I actually received wonderful treatment from the second nurse. The second nurse was open to the idea of medical cannabis and explained the various instances in his own family when medical cannabis could help. He explained that his aunt had cancer and he wished he could give it to her and before his father’s death he had Alzheimer’s, and became very upset and agitated towards the end. My nurses explained he would have more than welcomed a medication which would have calmed his father with making him in a zombie everyday.

The difference in the underlying beliefs of the two nurses were like night and day. I believe the difference was personal experience with someone close to them who was truly sick and could be helped with a medication used around the world, but not in certain parts of the US.

This is why people are dying and suffering for no reason in this world! If you are going to argue your point against something that will help millions of people, at least have a good reason for the argument. Alcohol and cigarettes are incredibly harmful, yet they are legal. Cannabis has many benefits for patients, yet this is illegal. There are patients dying and suffering in pain, all over the United States, when one medication could help in so many ways. None of this makes sense to me.

In my opinion, it’s all smoke and mirrors set up to keep patients on only pharmaceutical medications for the rest of their lives, no matter how miserable or short those lives are, they will be owned by pharmaceutical money.

Sick patients are owned and are the slaves of Pharmaceutical companies. Patients make billions of dollars for the big companies, due to committing the one sin in the US which takes away  all rights, the sin of becoming sick. The patients are the slaves and the Doctors are the enforcers.

This relationship will never change until medical cannabis laws are changed in this country.


Until next time… be safe, be kind, and always be happy!

4/20 day! A great day to support children and Veterans!




Ahhhh…. 4/20! The day “secretly” known as the day to relax, kick your feet up, and smoke a doobie, blunt, joint, bowl, or one of the many names associated with smoking marijuana (legal name cannabis). From the early days in 1971 on a San Rafael, CA campus, to present day, 4:20 has become the socially accepted time to light one up and relax from a stressful day.

The country has come a very long way since “Reefer Madness” of 1936 and the “Say no to drugs” campaign of the 1980s. Millions of dollars have been spent on the so called “War on drugs”, creating mandatory life sentences for non-violent offenders, deaths for many innocent people who are caught up in drug wars, families have been broken apart due to parents spending time in jail (even for small amounts of cannabis) and they find it more difficult to find a job or go to school due to financial laws based on drug arrest, and then there’s asset seizure  of personal property, taken without a warrant or a crime being committed. All this time, hate, and waste of human life, yet, in all the years of the “war” marijuana use has yet to kill one person from the direct use of the product.

The insanity of the so called “drug war” and the crimes committed against the people of the US by the government are inexcusable.

I won’t go into the boring details about why and how cannabis became illegal in the first place and how it was less about abuse and more about bureaucracy. How it was less about saving lives and more about making money. How it was less about protecting the health of our nation, and more about arresting minorities to keep them away from the perfect white boys. I won’t go into the boring details of all the injustices since that time.

But I will tell you this, if you are legally smoking, drinking, eating, or ingesting cannabis today, please take the time to lift one in the air for all the people who put their lives and their reputations fighting for your right to do so.

Don’t forget many states do not have legal access to the one medicine which could help so many patients, including children and Veterans. In the middle of your healthy snack run or your third bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, take the time to sign online petitions, donate to a cause, petition in front of city hall, or donate to help send sick children to legal states, so they may be able to enjoy the medical benefit so many take for granted.

Prop your feet up, break out the ole debit card, and help others have the same freedoms you do.

Here is an organization who had been fighting for the right of legal Cannabis since the 1970s. NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)

So there you go. As you contemplate how you can help others, I’ve provided the answer, and you don’t even need to leave your couch. You’re welcome.

For all of you in legal states, have fun today! Burn one for the rest of us!

For the rest of the country, don’t forget, tomorrow is still a work day!


4-21 - surprise urine test.


Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.



Medical Marijuana in the United States: Part 1

As many of my readers know, I support medical marijuana a.k.a. medical cannabis.

Our entire generation was bashed against the head with the whole “Say No To Drugs” campaign. It was this campaign, the war on drugs, and mandatory prison sentences for non-violent offenders, which led to the corrupt and over-burdened privatized prison system we have now. The families of the non-violent offenders and the families of very sick patients have all suffered due to the lies we were told since “Reefer Madness.” The story is long and sad, and with so many political dollars supporting The War on Drugs, it is very hard to pick apart the history from the rumors we were force-fed for so many years.

The laws are broken, the medical system is broken, and even the political process concerning legislation against marijuana is broken.

At this point, I won’t go into too many details concerning the damage which draconian marijuana laws have cost the American people, but suffice it to say, no human being should spend years on a mandatory prison sentence for a natural drug, when murderers and rapists are allowed to cut deals and many times are released after serving only a fraction of their sentence.

The laws in America are broken, and we can work to fix those laws if we get rid of mandatory prison sentencing for non-violent offenders including those using marijuana, investigate the relationship between judges and prison system owners, and increase non-judicial options for those who are first time non-violent offenders.

According to Tennessee Law , possession of any amount of marijuana, even as little as a single gram, can lead to a sentence of one year in prison with a mandatory fine between $250 and $2,500. It is important to note that a prison sentence isn’t the end of the punishment. Many times these small crimes will also come with a sentence of probation and community service, even after the prison sentence is completed.

A gram is an incredibly small amount of marijuana, yet this amount can lead to a person being put into prison and losing  their careers, their voting rights, Pell Grants for higher education, and so much more. These punishments aren’t just for a year or two, or only for the time they spend in prison and on probation, but these punishments last for their entire lives. When compared to rapists and murderers, the punishments do not always add up. Not only do small time drug offenders face all of these punishments and more, but with the laws of “property seizure” put into place, anything owned by the individual while in possession of a drug, even a gram of marijuana, can be seized by the police and sold at auction to fund their “War on Drugs” programs. Police do not seize cars, homes, or others items they find when arresting criminals involved in murder, assault, or rape. How does this seem fair? How can a small time drug offender, especially one with a drug which is legal in many states and countries, face harsher punishments than violent criminals?

Gram of marijuana

Throughout the next few weeks, I will lay out the story, from beginning to end, so you, the reader, can make an informed decision when you visit your Doctor, when you make medical decisions for your family, and most importantly, when you go to the polls in November.

While I address each issue, there are some questions we all need to ask ourselves. How is it the US government owns the patent to cannabis for medical purposes (US Patent number 6630507) and still continues to claim there are no medical values associated with medical marijuana? Why are police and communities allowed to seize the property of those who are non-violent criminals and demand mandatory sentencing for non-violent offenders, but these same policies are not put into place for violent offenders? With the huge amount of research available to the US and the world, why is medical marijuana not allowed for every man, woman, and child who needs this medication to live a more productive life and to actually survive diseases?

The American government, the FDA, and even the CDC have all been denying the truth about marijuana and how it can be used to help the people of this nation. People have died from ailments which could have been cured, patients have suffered from excruciating pain which could have been lessened with Medical Marijuana, and children with brain destroying seizures could have been saved if the US government had been honest with itself and with the public. It’s time the American people demand the truth.

I will be covering these questions, and more, in my new weekly update, Medical Marijuana in the United States.

For now, I leave you with part one of CNNs special on “Weed.” If you haven’t watched it, please do. There is a part two, and three I will share in the coming weeks.





As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!


Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom

Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom.

I am torn by the constant reminder, in the news and on the internet, that Memorial Day is not about hot dogs and picnics, but, only to remember the fallen Soldiers in our history.

Yes. There are plenty of US Citizens, who do not live near a military base, who do not know a military Veteran, and who are not familiar with all that goes into being in the military. They are going about their weekend in blissful happiness that they are able to take a long weekend and spend some time with the family. That is all they know. The main things they are looking forward to is time off and spending time with the family. They might attend the local parade, and hang up their American flag, and eat, drink, and be merry during the whole weekend.

Is that really so bad?

As a career Soldier, it honestly makes me very happy there are families in small town America who can go about their lives and never know the pain, suffering, and lose that Soldiers feel every day. I didn’t join the military so that I can tell those families what to do. I joined the military so they could do what they wanted to, at any time, without fear of oppression and war in their own backyard.

In my mind, I see Memorial day as a Celebration of Life for Soldiers who have gone before us. We remember their lives and their sacrifice by not sitting around crying all weekend, or in solemn prayer all weekend, but in celebration for what they did on the battlefield, and how they served their country very well.
Throughout history, armies did not remember their lost brothers (and now sisters), by spending their entire mourning time in tears and sorrow. They spent the appropriate time in sorrow, but, after the tears, they partied and told grand stories about their fallen comrades. The more mead or wine which was poured, the bigger the stories became. They danced, they ate, they drank, and they made love, while being thankful for the freedom they had due to the Soldiers who died in their place.

This Memorial Day weekend, let’s not condemn those who are spending time with their families, who are fishing with their children, who are drinking, eating, and seem like they don’t have a care in the world. Let’s be happy that, we, as Soldiers, and the ones who went before us, are able to provide the freedom for those people to have a happy weekend. We shoulder the pain, suffering, and sacrifice time with our own families, so they don’t have to. The fallen Soldiers (and their families) have shouldered the ultimate sacrifice, so those families could smile, love, and be together in a free nation, without fear of condemnation of others.

So, go out and have a huge Celebration of Life for the lost Soldiers from our past, and enjoy the freedoms they gave to the American people. While you are having a beer, have one for them too, but, don’t condemn those who are loving, living, and laughing in the free nation those Soldiers stood, and fell, for.

It makes my heart happy to see families together in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

If you wish to post the name of a Veteran you have lost, I will make a photo for them and post it on my blog.

Medical Marijuana – Weed 3 — Living with dignity and less pain

If you have anyone in your family who is sick with any severe condition, please, watch this video.

No matter what your views are on the recreational use of marijuana, the use of medical marijuana can no longer be ignored. People, including children, are being saved daily with the use of medical marijuana. This is happening all over the world and is finally being allowed in the US.

88,000 people die every year from alcohol alone (that doesn’t include the domestic abuse injuries and deaths alcohol causes), 16,007 people died from OPIOD overdoses in 2012 alone, yet, Marijuana, when used alone, killed ZERO people, EVER. Let’s stop lying to ourselves, we were duped into believing that marijuana was worse than alcohol, or even tobacco. 

There have been cases when children have accidently ingested their parents marijuana. What happened? Nothing. They went to the ER and had a bad trip. Was it a scary situation? You bet. They need an IV for dehydration, and some serious amounts of snacks after coming down, but, all in all, they were fine. What happened when children ingested too much alcohol? There have been cases when children have actually died from too much alcohol. This includes college students and teens who have died from alcohol poisoning. Yet, alcohol is everywhere and easily accessible, and marijuana, even medical marijuana is made to look like it comes from the devil himself.

I am not saying marijuana is safe. It is not. It is a drug. Just like all drugs, it should be respected, but, if we are going to allow something as dangerous as alcohol to be made in our father’s bathtubs, or to be kept on the kitchen counter, please don’t be a hypocrite and fight against something like medical marijuana, which could actually save lives.

The FDA and the US GOV is finally studying it, but, Israel has been studying medical marijuana, and using it for their patients, for many, many years.

Medical Marijuana does help with PTSD, Severe Pain, MS, RA, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Depression, Wasting Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s, and many more issues can be helped with medical marijuana.

For my entire life (44 years) I was against all illegal drugs. There was nothing good about anything that was illegal. In some sense I was right. In all cases, there is no reason to let any drug, alcohol, marijuana, or any other drug, to ruin your life. I still believe that. If you allow anything to stop you from becoming a productive member of society or taking care of your family, then you need to readdress what you are doing, and find a new way. You can’t break the law just because you think it is unfair. If your job does not allow medical marijuana, or even cigarettes, you either need to stop doing those things, or make the decision to move states. You need to be a truly productive member of society and care for yourself and your family first. YOu can either move for medical help or work to change the laws where you live, but, I digress.

When I was younger I was strictly against all illegal substances, and I believed everything I saw on TV. There was no medical value in illegal drugs. Then in 2011, I got hurt in Iraq and about the same time, I also became very sick. The military opened my eyes to how much control medical professionals have over pain meds and your body. You become a slave to pain meds, which means you become a slave to the medical machine and the medical machine are slaves to politicians and the random laws. I am not even referring to something as serious as addiction. I am just referring to the relationship between a patient and a doctor. If a patient does or says anything that displeases the doctor, or if the doctor has a bad day, that patient’s entire medical case can be changed at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t even stop at the doctor. The politicians, the FDA, the ADA, even KOCH brothers have their hands in everything that deals with your medications and what is prescribed or approved at any one time. Once a patients becomes sick, the hard truth is, the prescriptions which are allowed or approved by the FDA are all controlled by money. Plain and simple money.

At any time, a politician can be bought or sold by the Koch brothers, or any other big super pac backer, and very quickly my pain medications can be changed and outlawed and I have zero control in how my medicine is handled at the federal and state level. Worse, if my medical provider decides for a personal reason, not a medical reason, to stop prescribing medications, then I have to find a new doctor, or suffer withdrawals and suffer excruciating pain, which is exactly what happened to me. No warning. No help. No titrating down. One day my medical provider decided he wasn’t going to provide narcotics anymore and that was that. His patients had to suffer or find new doctors, which is never an easy process.

As a chronic pain patient, which true severe pain conditions, my entire life is controlled at the politician and medical provider level. When my own medical provider decided to select his own life over mine, I knew then I had to fight for my own well being. That is when I started researching natural pain medications. I found that medical marijuana had been used for thousands of years for joint related pain diseases, such as RA and gout, or other pain disorders. Even now, the US owns a Patent on Medical Marijuana for their own researchers to do tests on the plants. They even have their own fields where they grow only the best plants to test on (which is shown in the video) . — This leads me to believe they know it will work for the listed medical issues (again shown in the video) . I do not like my life being controlled by politicians and big money. I don’t think a patient should be a slave to big pharmaceutical companies, to politicians, and then to the whims and personal agendas of medical providers. A patient has the right to live in dignity. Now, I am a huge supporter of medical marijuana and I fight everyday to change the laws so every patient, in every state, has the same rights to live in dignity and even die with dignity, and less pain.

TN lawmakers failed their people again — What the hell TN? Get your S**T together.

TN You have failed your people again!!

It is sad that in a 1st world country, the boundaries between states is what determines if someone can receive medical help or not. It is sad to know the mileage of driving from one area to another determines the level of health care a patient can receive. It is sad that a state, which professes to love life and love babies, continuously makes decisions to kill the same people they claim to protect. TN, come out of the dark ages, you look like hypocrites.