America was attacked by terrorists in 2001. Sadly, we’re now destroying America from the inside.

9-11 and the damage we’ve done to ourselves since then.

My long-form 2016 blog entry concerning the attacks of 9-11 and our extended response to the attacks.

(It was more of a rant … but I’ve tried cleaning it up a bit).

Grits, Hugs, and Sweet Tea

— Originally written in 2016, I stand by these words more than ever. — 

15 years ago today terrorists set out to destroy us. People from all walks of life lost their lives or were severely injured in the attacks. It didn’t matter how much money a person made, or what race, religion, job, or gender they were; everyone was affected. Stockbrokers, secretaries, firefighters, police, Soldiers, waiters, and many more died in this senseless attack. For once, this wasn’t a white or black problem, it wasn’t a male or female problem, and it wasn’t a rich or poor problem.

This was an American problem.

Please understand, I’m not blind to the issues we faced as a nation before 9/11. In fact, as a female with bi-racial children, I’m well aware of the gender and racial inequalities in our country. These issues always seemed too big of a mountain to conquer…

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