My Garden – Peppers

Just a glimpse of my peppers.

Gardening is one of the many hobbies which keep me happy and sane.

To me, there is nothing like feeling dirt in my hands, the sun on my back, and eating something I grew.

I have a big pile of peppers I need to photograph this weekend.

I always love food photography, but I love vegetable photography because they’re all so different and colorful and they last for days outside of the refrigerator, which gives me time to take a variety of photos from different angles and from different times of the day.

Photo by Amanda Blount

Sadly, I can’t upload my very favorite photos to my blog or social media because a few of my photos were stolen by strangers in the past. But I do share the next best ones which, I think, are still really good.

I’ll post more pepper photos this weekend.

Now it’s time to find some lunch.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until next time… Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

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