Bullied child kills himself to stop the pain — Rules to live by: Don’t be an asshole, don’t raise kids to be assholes, and when you see someone being an asshole, stop them from acting like an asshole


No parent should have to worry that their child is going to take their own life because other children are complete assholes. In fact, no adult should have to live like this either.

Rules to live by: Rules to live by: Don’t be an asshole, Don’t raise kids to be assholes, and when you see someone being an asshole, stop them from acting like an asshole.

Here is her heartbreaking video about the pain her son lived everyday. Personally, I hope the kids, who pushed him over the edge, are accused and found guilty of criminal harassment, but, depending on the state, they will probably just be allowed to live their lives as assholes, with no conscience about what they did, and probably work on Wall Street or something.

It is a sad and true fact that many terrible humans will select the ones they perceive as weaker and try to eliminate them or harass them. Many humans will “form packs” and go around selecting those who are loners and have no pack or clan of their own, so, as parents, we have to understand this mentality, and help our kids find their way. Strength is truly stronger in numbers.

We all say that life should be fair and school should be a safe place for our children to learn. The real truth is, life is not fair, and school is one of the worst places to expect a safe environment. When you send your child to school, it becomes a “Thunderdome” situation. There are no parents around, and underpaid teachers (who are also some of the worst bullies), leave weak and different kids at the mercy of those who wish to do them harm. If life was such a fair and safe place, girls would not go to the bathroom with their friends.

Since there are complete assholes in this world, and we can’t expect asshole parents to raised their neanderthal kids any better than they are, parents need to also raise their kids in a way that gives them a shield against the stupid shit at school. BTW — this goes for adults too. Many adults find themselves alone and sad because they can’t find others in their own niche. Well, get out and find your pack. Trust me, they are looking for you too.

Some more rules to live by; get your kids involved in groups that do the same things they do. If your child does not have many friends, go out and find some, and invite them over for a party. Those kids are probably looking for friends too. Many kids, who are bullied, just haven’t found their niche in life yet, help them find that niche, by involving them in after school functions and weekend activities. Eventually, they will find a group to call their own. Once they find their own group, they will have their own little pack of friends. Obviously, the big one she stressed, in the video, if someone says they are going to kill themselves, take their threat seriously, and report it.

In the end, here are some numbers everyone should know:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week


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