Breastfeeding mothers should be celebrated, not shunned. —- The hypocritical view some people take on breastfeeding

Everyone wants moms to create healthy babies, but, many people don’t want to know how healthy babies are really created. Many people are ashamed to know that healthy babies are created by sucking on their mom’s breasts! SHOCKER!! Those breasts aren’t just for looks folks! They actually have a purpose.

I am so happy to see more and more breastfeeding moms in the news. Yes, women work. Yes, women breast feed. No. The mom and baby should not be shoved into a dirty bathroom to participate in the completely natural act of breastfeeding. Adults don’t eat their meals in a bathroom and neither should a baby. 

Breast were created for better reasons than just to fill out a Hooters’ uniforms, a better reason than to be used in porn, and way more reasons than for most men to only sexualize them.

Women’s breast were created for the main purpose of giving life-saving nourishment to a brand new human being. Breastfeeding a child is one of the most natural events in this world. Without a woman’s sacrifice of hours and hours of her time to feed her child, the human race would not have survived. A woman is literally giving her own vitamins, minerals, and immune properties to another human being. Even when a woman is starving, her breasts will still produce milk to feed her baby, until the mother is actually starved to death. 

It amazes me how many people are against women breastfeeding their babies, especially men. A woman is creating stronger and healthier babies to send out to the world, and the mom becomes healthier also. Not only is this good for a community, but, also great for the nuclear family, and the family budget. Men should be shouting from the mountain tops and encouraging every woman to breastfeed as much as she can.

Breastfeeding has been know to create higher IQs, stronger immune systems, and even better personalities in babies who have been breastfed. The great benefits from breastfeeding aren’t just for the baby, there are also benefits for the mother. According to the Susan G. Komen website, “From the data of 47 studies, mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total (combined duration of breastfeeding for all children) of one year were slightly less likely to get breast cancer than those who never breastfed. Mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total of two years got about twice the benefit of those who breastfed for a total of one year. Mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total of more than two years got even more benefit.”

To the amazement of some men, women can really do it all and have it all. They can work in a very successful career, breastfeed their babies, and continue to look great doing it! Instead of embarrassing a breastfeeding woman, we should celebrate the act as being so incredible natural and deeply profound. Breastfeeding a baby is as natural as breathing. Don’t treat a breastfeeding woman with ugliness,  just thank her, and move on. ‪#‎normalizebreastfeeding‬

Here are some awesome articles about breastfeeding moms in the news.


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Such a powerful short film about racism. Everyone needs to see it.

I hate racism so much. There are terrible people in this world, of all races, religions, and cultures, but, in all those same groups, are the most amazing humans you could ever encounter. Don’t pass up a chance to make a friend based on preconceived notions of someone’s race, religion, or culture. You never know the wonderful experience you may miss.

This is such a powerful short film concerning racism. Everyone needs to see it. We need more of this, and less hate in this world.

Share the hell out of this film. Share it far and wide. Share it until your fingers bleed. 🙂

We are all the same inside

We are all the same inside

The real weather report for those folks who live with daily pain. — And for those who live with those who live with daily pain :-)

Here is the real weather forecast.

It is incredibly wet, cold, and miserable!!!

55 degrees and extremely painful. Instead of pollen scales, we will be using pain scales today.

Pain levels are very high today. Depending on your particular condition, expect pain scales to be anywhere from a low 5 to as high as a 9. If you hit 10, please call your Dr, and make time for a trip to the ER. Pray to your God while there, because the weather outlook does not look any better, and pain levels don’t look so good either.

To anyone over 40, even without chronic medical conditions, do not expect pain levels lower than a 3 today. Those old joints, muscles, and that old football injury will be barking loud in this type of weather. You are going to regret those long runs when you were 15. The memory of running for miles on hard roads, with cheap tennis shoes, will be coming back in full force. Your knees will thank you in a very angry manner.

Expect to plan for extra time in the morning getting those joints moving, muscles warmed up, and putting your brain in gear. This weather is not for the weak spirited. This weather is for those who are willing to reach down and grab some intestinal fortitude…..and a heating blanket, heating pad, and some serious pain medications.

For the ladies, no makeup and a pony tail are perfectly acceptable fashion wear today. For the men, if you can pull it off, jeans, sweat pants, and a warm t-shirt is the uniform of the day. In fact, just take a sick day. You all deserve some warm cuddle time.

Come on all you old farts, let’s finish this day off strong. (BTW — I write this from my warm couch, in yoga pants, and wrapped in a blanket. 🙂 )

For your reading pleasure, here are the real pain scales chronically ill people should use.

In reporting suicides in TN Military services, TN General calls suicide acts “selfish”

It has taken me many weeks to respond to this letter the General posted for all of TN Army National Guard to read. This was his way to announce more deaths from military suicide and in my heart, I believe he is a good man, who went about this in a wrong way. I was so angry when I first read it, I could not respond without some very choice harsh words. I want to say, “selfish” is not the word I would use when describing suicides when reporting it from a leader’s point of view.

I can easily apply the words “selfish actions” when referring to the suicides of some service members, but, on many of those occasions the selfish term should not have been applied to the victim, but, to the leadership of the victim. I totally agree, we really need to help each other. That help does not have to start at the bottom, but, should, start at the top and the middle to set the example of true leadership, not, set an example of how to make a situation even worse. Some of the worst leadership examples have lead to attempted and completed suicides, yet, the victim is called selfish by the highest leader in the state? That is just a little sad.

Many people may think suicide is a very selfish act, and in some ways, it might be, but, to the person who commits suicide, many times they believe they are making the most courageous decision of their life. They are no longer going to feel pain, they are no longer going to suffer, and they are no longer going to be a burden for their families. In some cases, their death will provide insurance money to their families, so they feel they are choosing one last act as a man or woman, to stand up and be the provider they once were. They could see this as one last beneficial act for their families.

Yes, having someone to lean on, “can save a life.” It is sad more leaders do not take this message to heart, and stop acting so selfish.

I need happy colors in my life

I really need this in my life before the end of 2015. The top two are my favs!

I adore color. My life has been colorless for far too many years. I need color again. Instead of blending in, I need to stand out and shine. I need to step away from the shadows and be free to be who I am.

I have run on autopilot for so many years, I lost who I was. Please understand, I am, and I was, very happy as a Mom and a Soldier, but, there are deep sacrifices each Mom must make to do both of those very well. This is especially true for those of us who have free spirits, which need to be caged to succeed at certain things in life.

It is frightening to know I gave up so much of myself to do what I needed to do, to be a successful mom and Soldier. When I finally retired from the military and the kids were grown, I discovered I was only a shell of who I was. Now, I need to reach deep and pull the old me up from the depths of darkness and grey. I need to discover the color of her spirit and let it shine.

The Monsters in my head

One of my first poems I ever wrote referred to the monsters in my head. I need to find it and share it here one day.

For today, my words are;

When you experience so much sadness, so much sorry. When you feel so much pain, pushed down into your soul. The light of your spirit is dampened by the darkness of life. The bright light becomes grey. The smile on your face, the sparkle in your eye, becomes less natural and more forced. The mask of happiness hides the fear, the darkness of life, the anger, and the screams, which must never be shown to the world. The scream must never be allowed to pass your lips. The scream will unleash all the anger and sorrow of thousands of dark nights. Don’t scream, don’t show anger, don’t show sorry, for the moment you truly allow yourself to feel these horrible, terrible, emotions, the magnitude of their power will overcome you and you will lose and never be found again. — Amy Blake

Australia has it’s very own spider horror movie going on. This is worth the read.

Australia is a fantastic country and I wish to visit there one day, but, I need to keep in mind, everything there is trying to kill humans!

Picture of spider webs covering the ground in Australia

Picture of spider webs covering the ground in Australia