A teen boy is collecting pads and tampons for his female friends at school and it is wonderful —- If you want to share a good story today, this is it.

Men don’t have a clue what women go through just to prepare to leave the house or go on a trip.

From as early as 9 years old and during most of a woman’s lifetime. Just so we can form another human being and make sure that little human being has the nourishment it needs to become a healthy child,  we are constantly cleaning up the mess which our bodies produce. It is hard enough to clean up all these leaks, spots, and messes, but, to have to worry about not having the correct items with us is sometimes a real headache. To go anywhere, even a one day hiking trip, men grab their gear, and go, but, women must always remember to pack extra feminine hygiene products and possibly a bottle of midol. If her period is not regular, many women bring extra undies and even an extra sweater for the “around the waist cover-up the messy blood everyone knows I started my period” look. This is not a one month ordeal. This constant worry and constant planning for the unknown is every month, every year, for a woman’s entire freaking life. Even when after a woman is old enough for birth control, there is no “I’m just going to get up and go somewhere”. A woman needs to go home, pick up her prescription, and make sure she takes it the same time, every single day, all while the guys are like, lets jump up at any time and go surfing, a woman needs to eat a little something with her pill, or, depending on the type of pill, she could be sick, and throw up.

It even gets worse when a woman is pregnant. There are constant leaks in her panties, her breast are leaking, she is throwing up, and of course, there is the wonderful dignity-busting moment when she pees on herself in McDonalds or at the park with her family. Many men handle these incidences the way they handle life, they see an issue, and they jump in to fix it the best they can. Even if they have no idea what they are doing, these type of men are forgiven, because at least they are trying to help and not make the situation worse.

Unfortunately, there is another group of men who don’t understand the amount of dignity that a woman loses in life is literally to prepare her body for the most wonderful thing in the world, to have a baby. They complain about going to the store for their wives or girlfriends, they make fun of a messy pair of jeans, they don’t help their wife when, while caring his baby, she pees all over herself at the worst possible moment. This particular group of men are complete assholes. There is no nice way to say it, they are just uneducated assholes. Their moms and dads need to have a serious discussion with their sons and just start the hell over, because, when dealing with men like this, they have failed in their job to prepare their sons to face what a woman must go through in life.

Thank goodness, there are the few men out there who balance both groups out. One of these young men is 15-year-old Jose Garcia. He has developed a plan to help young women avoid missing classes, avoid the embarrassment of going to the nurse’s office, and avoid the embarrassment of using a toilet paper wad for a pad. He has requested that all young men carry one or two pads on them, or keep them near, for the girl in their life, so she will not have to worry about mistakes and the “uh-oh” moment of a surprise period. I don’t know who his parents are, but, they are doing one hell of a job at raising a fantastic young man who saw a problem and found a wonderful and loving way to address the problem.

It does my heart so good to see young men taking an active role in helping women get through the day with less shame and less embarrassment! Way to go, Jose!

For more on his story, please read the attached link below.


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