Amanda’s Social Media Round-up – 30Aug2017 – Hurricane Harvey

Due to being an avid user of social media, much of what I write is not on my blog.

This is a little of what I’m writing when I’m away.


I hope homeowners in the flood areas are protected during recovery. We must work to protect those who are the most vulnerable.

Come on! Feel free to pray and send good thoughts, but also send those $$$!

Again, send $$! No funeral home will bury family members using only prayers as payment.

25 inches of rain in one night!! This is an insane amount of water.

I’m saving this one here, because, it’s crazy! A highway turned into a full river!

Important rescue numbers to call if needed!


Until next time…Be safe, be kind, be happy, and take time to love one another. We’re all in this together.



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