I didn’t know Cow Appreciation Day would include my hair

I’ve recently had my hair cut shorter. I forgot I have 2 cowlicks in my hair (longer hair hides them).

I normally wear my hair longer and just put it all up in a pony tail, but in the process of wanting to get rid of damaged hair and wanting something fresh, I went shorter. Ugh! Hair in all directions! LOL 🙂

This new hairstyle means no more hiding all the craziness which is my hair.

In a strange way, my hair is a perfect example of my personality.

I have two cow licks. One in the back and one on the front left side. This makes parting or styling my hair a losing battle (hence the pony tails most of my life). Also, I’m this “lucky” person who has two types of hair in one head. Some of my hair is wavy and some is straight. On humid days, this mix of hair makes it look like I tried to style my hair in the morning, but said, “screw it” before I was done (again, the reason for the pony tail). I now have shorter layers and it’s really kind of cute. I honestly don’t think the first person who cut my hair knew what she was doing, so I went back and had someone else fix it. Having it trimmed twice has made my back cow lick stand up more than normal, but hey, at least it looks like I have body in my hair in that one spot! LOL 🙂

Why does my hair reflect my personality? Sometimes I’m going in many directions at once and many times I feel like I’m two different people. I love being outdoors and being creative, but other times I like science, working on the computer, and reading. I’m sure I’m not alone in liking many different things, but it just so happens my hair decided it wanted to do different things too.

In any case, wish me luck with my new hair cut. I’m going to try to come up with cool things to do, but I’m almost sure I’ll be back in my comfortable pony tail again in less than 6 mths.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Me…. always with my hair up. ** I’ll include my new haircut when I can control this mess!

My hair is always up