One Year Ago, Honoring Chattanooga’s Fallen Five – Original from Tony Burgess

Terrorism is closer than you think. This attack happened to our own people, only 1 year ago today.

It happened in the same area as many of my Veteran friends live and work and where many servicemen and women are currently serving. This is the area very close to my old unit. It is only 3 hours from my home. I drive through this area, as do my family and friends, anytime we want to head south. This could have been any town in America and any military recruiting center.

Terrorism can happen anywhere and anytime. Good men gave their lives serving their country and neighborhood. These were senseless deaths of good people who should be with their families right now, but instead their families must go on without them.

Terrorism can happen in your own backyard and in places you least expect.

Please love your family, hug your friends, and don’t be afraid to tell people how much they mean to you.

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

(yes, be extra careful… your family wants to see you home tonight)



Please read the following from a fellow blogger who lives there.




Originally posted on The Tony Burgess Blog: This is what has been happening in my city of Chattanooga today. We have experienced tragedy with the deaths of four Marines and the injury of a Chattanooga police officer. I remain proud of my hometown today for how we responded. #chattanoogastrong #Chattanooga via Instagram

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