The Vinyl Detective by Andrew Cartmel

The first edition print of this book is selling out fast. The Vinyl Detective Mysteries – Written in Dead Wax, written by Andrew Cartmel is a fantastic mystery. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, right now is the time.

(Also, if you have already read it, or any other books, please leave a review. It’s one more nice thing you can do as a fan to support your favorite authors).

“My Vinyl Detective novel has sold out in the UK and is going into its 2nd printing… Anybody who wants a first edition should grab one now!” Andrew Cartmel (Twitter)

I’m sure he would love to hear from old and new fans.

Feel free to hop over to Twitter @andrewcartmel and tell him congrats on a job well done!

Grits, Hugs, and Sweet Tea

Remember to order your copy of The Vinyl Detective Mysteries – Written in Dead Wax, written by Andrew Cartmel. (Yes, that Andrew Cartmel).

The Vinyl DetectiveThose who are familiar with Doctor Who, will immediately recognize his name as the creator of The Cartmel Masterplan. This isn’t the first time Mr. Cartmel has delved into great stories outside the Doctor Who universe while following his passions, hobbies, and interests.

His experiences reach many corners of the writing world. Besides his extensive list of writing and overseeing Doctor Who scripts, he was also the Script Editor for other television series’ (such as BBC’s popular medical drama series Casualty), he wrote many comic book stories (including Judge Dredd: Swine Fever), and worked as a magazine editor and a lecturer. This is only a glimpse into his accomplishments. 

Most recently he co-wrote, with Ben Aaronovitch (another Doctor Who alumni) the highly successful comic book series, Rivers of London:…

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WOO HOO! Walmart online grocery shopping is the answer to many daily problems

WOO HOO! Wal-Mart online grocery shopping is the answer to many daily problems

If you have never shared a story of mine before, this is one, which I personally request you share with all your friends. It’s the one service many of us need, if not for ourselves, then for our grandparents or a young parent in the family.

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m excited about shopping with Wal-Mart. Yep! Wal-Mart!

After almost a year in the news, Wal-Mart has been rolling out this service to various areas, a few at a time. Here is the link to their original story back in September 2015. I’m so glad it has finally come to Tennessee.

I shop at Wal-Mart many times, but the overwhelming size of their stores, the constant noise, and all the activity, is something I survive, not something I enjoy. I try to shop at smaller corner markets or dollar stores for everyday items, but many times, these many exact items are priced higher than Wal-Mart, and I end up paying for the atmosphere, not the products. Enter online grocery shopping with grocery drive-up curb service to smaller cities.

All the savings we have come to expect from Wal-Mart, but without the fuss and the hassle of going into the store. Continue reading