Amazon Book Reviews; Authors need them to succeed

Amazon Book Reviews

I learned something incredibly important today; reviews on Amazon (and other book provider websites) are necessary to increase the success of an author. This applies to all authors, but especially indie authors.

If you take the time to read a book, a comic book, purchase a coloring book full of curse words, or you know how to read one of those super technical books that include a table of contents a mile long, this blog entry is for you.

Self-published author (and cosplayer extraordinaire) @Robin Burks explains the need for personal book reviews on Amazon. She is the only reason I understand this subject now.

Check out her recent blog post

** Robin’s self-published works can be found here; and Twitter contact is @sunriserobin – She’s really cool. Give her a shout out. I’ll wait. **

Now, back to the importance of book reviews.

Not only are reviews a nice way to tell an author how much you enjoyed a book, but authors need reviews to progress to the next stage of online publishing. The reviews can also help an author reach a wider audience by allowing the book to be accepted by other online sales sites.

Personally, I had no idea how important book reviews meant to authors (even famous authors) to progress through the Amazon equation of what makes a “hit book.”

I’m a huge advocate of indie writers and filmmakers. I like supporting the writers, artists, and entertainers I enjoy, including brand new entertainers, so this information was important to me.

If we readers want to see a wider variety of work on the market, we have to take the time to do what is necessary to help the creative artists reach the same limits of big corporate works. This doesn’t mean not supporting big productions, but it also means we have one more way to support those who are are just starting out. What this means for us as readers is we take a few more minutes of our time and leave feedback on the material we read, watch, and enjoy. It’s the least we can do for those who word hard providing new content and enjoyment.

Do not be afraid to write a review. Reviews do not have to be as long as a dissertation nor does it have to be a summary of the book.

If you are pressed for time, a review can be as short as a few sentences. If you are starting out and you are unsure of how to complete a serious review, the “sandwich method” of reviewing is a good place to start. When following this method you can make the review as long as you wish or you can provide one or two quick sentences for each part.

Example: What did you like about the book? Something made you purchase the book, so there is something you like about it. Even if it was just the cover which caught your eye, there was a reason why you spent time reading the book.

What did you not like about the book? Be honest with yourself and the writer. If there is something you don’t like, how do you think it could have been better? Was this the first book of the author? Is this a topic you don’t like personally? Was the story good but not the editing? Was the editing great, but not the story development?

Then, the final part of the “sandwich” is what is the one thing another reader might enjoy about the book? What makes the book worth purchasing? Would you suggest this as a “beach book” on Kindle or a book for your personal library to be shared with others? Unless the book is just downright terrible in every way and even if the book is not your style, what is the one thing which another reader might enjoy?

If you have time and you really enjoy the book or author, upload images of yourself doing nice stuff while reading the book (on the subway, lying on the beach, sitting in your favorite chair, etc), a photo of your favorite passage (no more than one short paragraph), or even a photo of your new book placed beside your morning coffee. These “action” photos make others want to experience your happiness with you and increase sales of the book.

As readers (just like an audience at a play or a business meeting) we have a responsibility to the people on the stage or the authors of a book. Reviews are just one more way we can show our appreciation for those who work so hard to provide us with great entertainment every day.

Excuse me while I log-into my Amazon account and … take care of some stuff. Now that I know what I should be doing, I owe some reviews to some wonderful people.

Until next time… be safe, be kind, and always be happy.



Amy and Adam: War on Women. Why do people still think this isn’t a thing?

Amy and Adam: The War on Women.

Why do people still think this isn’t a thing?

The way Amy Schumer is being treated, after a confrontation with a fan, compared to the way The Rock and Adam Levine were treated by the public, after their fan confrontations, is just one more example of the War on Women.

Until a woman’s space and body is treated with the same respect as a man, I will continue to call it the “War on Women.”

I don’t give a flip about what she talks about in her comedy skits (both men have done much worse), her body and her time is just that, HERS! She is not owned by anyone and she owes nothing to the fans who demand it.

Adam and The Rock were supported by the public, even calling the perpetrator a criminal and said both men had every right to never talk to their fans again. many fans even gave solid advice on how and why both men should file many criminal charges on the man who attacked them.

On the other hand, a big man, comes rushing Amy, a year after her movie last year was used as the catalyst for a mentally unstable, misogynistic, jerk to murder and harm people in the theater. Not only was the shooter known to have long term mental issues and an arrest record of dangerous behavior, but he was on the radio spouting public disdain for women. Some of the listeners enjoyed his message, even supporting his radical views.

How can Amy trust anyone running up to her and demanding her attention with society continues to support people with views such as the shooter supported? She can’t.

After the incredibly hard year she has had (with death threats and sadness over the film shooting) she was terrified of the sudden man in her face, demanding her attention, yet, since this incident, she has been called a bitch, slut, and even worse names because of her comedy and her movies and that she “deserved” to be attacked and she was owned by the public. There have even been people (men and women) to state she should never act again if she can’t handle the pressure of people groping her and wanting photos with her. Many explanations include, “it was only a photo” and “she is making a big deal of nothing.” Really? A strange man rushing up to a woman in a grocery store parking lot, then demanding a photo with said woman, would be considered harassment and the police would be called.

This is the problem with society. Amy had a REAL horrific event happen in her life, where not only was her image and movie used by a mad man as the reason he committed murder, but she has spent a year being verbally attacked by society for how it was her fault for making such a trashy movie and “forcing” this man to make a statement about such movies. Again, let’s back up a few years to when radio stations put this crazy man on the air, and used his sexist ways to garner shock, awe, and laughter from the public. He was already known to be mentally unstable and maladjusted, but Amy gets harassed from the public concerning her comedy and her movies for being too lewd.

Does anyone have any idea how stupid that sounds? Not only is society victim blaming, but they aren’t even victim blaming the right person. She wasn’t even there. No one blamed Christian Bale for the Batman theater shooting (of course they shouldn’t), but many trolls blamed Amy for her role in making a really funny movie, showing an independent woman finding her way in life.

No one blamed Christian Bale for being the star in a movie showing a rich orphan taking justice in his own hands and outright killing bad guys. Of course they shouldn’t. It’s a movie. An insane lunatic decided to take away the spotlight from both Amy and Christian, and turn a moment of happiness into a moment of horror. This is on the killer, not on the actor and actresses.

No it’s not Amy fault a man entered a movie to shoot people and it’s not her fault she refused to take a photo from an obviously abrupt and disturbed man. Again, this man rushed to her and demanded a photo with her, then claimed he owned her and she owed him her attention. That is a clear sign of mental illness. Hell NO! She doesn’t owe him anything.

Let me put a myth to something, being a “Feminist” isn’t about hating men, it’s about educating society on the ways women are treated so differently than men (by men and even other women) that it makes my brain hurt.

So, let me set something straight here, no man nor woman, no matter how famous they are (or not famous at all), owes shit to anyone else unless they decide, on their own, to give the time to address the other person.

I’m going to say this again for those in the back, no one in life owes you shit! Not your mama, daddy, sister, brother, and certainly not the people who you’ve never even met before. When you see a woman (or a man) you would like to speak to, all manners apply, even when the person is super famous.

Let me explain it this way, even if a completely naked woman is walking down the street, screaming sexual speeches, has money attached to her body, and hundreds of people are getting excited by this site, she doesn’t owe anyone anything. A normal person would ask her for a photo, ask her if they could touch her, or ask her if they could be seen with her. Insane people (with no manners) assume what she is doing allows another person to enter her personal space and attack her.

One more time, no one owes anyone SHIT! Nothing. Nada. Zero. Capeesh?

If anyone, man or woman, comes rushing me and demands anything from me, I will tell that person right away, get the hell away from me, and never come back.

Amy has the same rights as anyone else on this planet. She is a person, not a thing.

I applaud her for how she has conducted herself this year and she has every right to be frightened of people (especially men) running up to her like the fan did. In fact, after all that has been thrown in her lap, I wouldn’t doubt if she has moderate PTSD, and society isn’t helping her by attacking her and harassing her even more. If she never made another public appearance, it wouldn’t be because she is weak, it would be because some people are assholes, and don’t deserve the right to see her light in public. She needs to care for herself, not the dicks of the world.

Amy, I support you. I know you are a fantastic person, working for women’s right everywhere, and I love what you are doing. If you never want to talk to another fan, I totally support that too.

Now, if everyone could please learn the rules we were all supposed to learn in Kindergarten, “Keep your hands to yourself”, I think the world would be a much better place.


Until next time… be safe, be kind, and always be happy!

(and for those who are dicks to celebrities, it’s simple, #stopbeingadick)

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