Chasing Dreams: My sisters are my heroes

I want to send a shout out to my sister.

My two sisters and I are incredibly stubborn, so it is with great joy that my middle sister is looking at a computer with the same stubbornness she had as a young woman learning construction. (This sister worked construction, my other sister drove a dump truck, and I was in the military. When we’re together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.)

I just spent 7 hours on the phone with her and she allowed me to talk her through some computer stuff, including internet stuff. Yes. You read that right; 7 hours of computer talk (other stuff too, but mostly computer talk.)

Remember I’m learning new things too and I’m sure we both wanted to quit about 3 hours in, but we kept at it for 7 hours. That’s longer than a college computer class. I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it, but with plenty of breaks, we pushed through.

Learning the internet - 3

My sister is tough as nails and doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her dreams. If she has to learn all the silly buttons on a computer to accomplish her dreams, well so be it.

People who were born with computers may not understand the difficulty of accepting the use of computers in everyday life. It’s pretty frustrating when you have to learn something new every flipping year because the tech giants want to push new stuff out to the people as fast as possible. We are the generation whose vehicles lasted 20 or 30 years and the stereos we grew up with are now highly sought after. Why? Because things were built to last.

You learned to use it one time and you didn’t get another one until your children had children. Some of us are still learning to set the clock on our VCRs and new hi-tech gadgets, every year, can be incredibly overwhelming.

This new way of mass producing less-than quality products and knowing the public is forced to use them anyway is a terrible way to do business.

I’m sorry. I have to get this off my chest. I know the frustration my sister must feel each time she tries to learn something new, because these corporations frustrate me as much as they do her.

Instead of building on a foundation of learning, companies completely revamp the new programs so-much-so that it takes days to re-learn what you though you already knew how to do. Icons change, drop down position change, and user muscle memory might as well be thrown to the wind. When upgrading technology, it’s not like riding a bike. No two are the same. Instead of putting out quality products, which customers can enjoy using, companies shove new products out as fast as they can, bugs and all, and they count on the end user to be free beta testers (Windows Vista and Windows 10 I’m looking at you).

Windows 7 had such a terrible search feature, they had to create YouTube videos to teach customers how to use it and it still never works correctly. The customers are stuck with this terrible search feature (which, by the way, worked perfectly in XP) until Windows 10, but I still don’t know if they fixed it.

I’m afraid to download 10 for fear it’s as terrible as all the products before. Sure, Windows 10 might be the best one so far, but with their history of screwing things up, and my lack of trust in their products, I’m not really for certain what I’m going to get. These are supposed to be hi-tech products, not a box of chocolates.

I’ve had a personal computer since 1996. If I’m afraid of using all these new products due to the bugs and massive changes with each one, imagine how scary it is for someone who doesn’t use a computer everyday and is still running on Vista? It’s terrifying.

No one has time to learn a brand new program every few years, especially one that is broken. What the customer ends up doing is, they learn what they need and keep going forward, never using many of the many features which take up valuable memory. That’s the major issue with the companies; they don’t care that their customers never get the full experience of their products, or even if they enjoy their products, because they know the normal user will be forced to buy the new one in a few years anyway.

With the market demand of constant upgrades and the board room demanding more and more profits, the standard of products end up in the toilet. Customers are expected to purchase a broken item and then download the patches when they get home.

It’s like being expected to purchase a brand name shirt, at full price, but it’s full of holes.

Leanring the computer 4When you bring this to the attention of the store owner, they explain that’s how shirts are made now. You buy the shirt and you patch it up when you get home (sometimes you’re even forced to purchase the patches separately).

What a terrible way to gain lifetime customers. The public trust is broken and no one really enjoys the products they are forced to use. Whoever thought this was a way to conduct business should be kicked in the hind parts!

(Also… Apple, what the heck is up with changing the plugs and cover sizes with every model?  Instead of constantly working on the brand new upgrade, get those engineers to work on a standard power plug to use for more than one phone. Are your engineers trying to kill the Planet? It’s Okay. There isn’t a race to destroy the Earth. We’re doing just fine in that department all by ourselves. I promise. We can use the same cords for a few phone model without people thinking we’re out of style. Plus, if we didn’t have to change our home chargers, car chargers, and covers so often, maybe the older generation would be more inclined to accept your new products.  I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but saving the Earth is actually in style now. It would really appreciate not having so many old cords and chargers cluttering up it’s appearance.)

After taking all this into account, it’s no wonder new users have such a hard time accepting this new world.

This is the industry my sister is trying to enter.

She grew up in a world where items were built to last and now I’m asking her to dive into a world where the customer is expected to spend a lot of money on something that is broken, then, before ever enjoying the product, the customer is expected to take hours out of their day to download updates and install patches, which hopefully will repair the broken parts of a brand new item.

If the patches or updates don’t work, then she will be expected to call the company, wait on the line, hopefully connect to someone who understands her and she understands them (more Leanring the computer - Windows Bugs2them likely she will need to call back multiple times to find someone who can really help her). Again, this is taking many hours out of her day and her week, and she still has not been able to use the product or program she purchased. Hopefully, at some point in the first week she can turn on her new product, and then, only then… if she hasn’t shot it first, she will be able to use her new computer or open her new program.

For my sister to have the patience to stick with me through all these explanations is a testament to how badly she wants to advance. This is a testament to her. Not the products she will be using, but a testament to how badly she wants this. This is exactly why I was on the phone with her for 7 hours. When someone wants something so badly, you don’t hang up due to time, you keep going with them, as long as you both can stand it, you keep going.

I’m not saying the conversation was easy. In fact, it was tiring. It was brain-breaking for both of us and we’re both going to pay for this tomorrow. But at any time, we could have changed the conversation. Nope. She continues to put up with me trying to explain what to do, over the phone, and she kept right on going, so I wasn’t about to stop.

To keep going proves she has serious tenacity and perseverance.

DO not fail

Not only did she have to put her own confidence on the back burner, while her “baby” sister instructed her, but she also had to believe the rewards would outweigh the costs.

I want my sister to enjoy the ride of learning new stuff and feel the excitement of victory over these stupid boxes that run our daily lives, so each time we came to an overly difficult part, I had to remember all the times people were patient with me while I was learning. I didn’t wake up one day knowing how to use a computer, people took the time to teach me and now I hope to teach her.

It’s actually very exciting. Life is about progressing. When your brain stops learning and stops dreaming, there is a certain amount of sadness that comes with that inactivity.

Life becomes blah. Making plans for the future, even little plans, excites the brain and puts a bounce in your step.

I know the feeling of trying so hard to accomplish something, but not knowing how to crack the code to learn.

I know the feeling of loving and dreaming about something so much, but the ability to accomplish those dreams are just outside your grasp. Sometimes the technology hasn’t been invented yet or sometimes the technology is not available to you to use. Either way, the result is the same, the dream becomes stagnate and sometimes lost forever. Tesla, Ford, Edison, and many others ran into some of the same issues. Their dreams out-paced the technology, or their ability to build the technology, to make those dreams come true.

Learning the internet - 2

Hearing my sister learn new and exciting things put joy in my own life. I adore hearing her squeal with happiness and laughter again. I adore hearing her “win” the battle against an unknown force.

Learning to use a computer may not seem exciting to many people, but it’s right up there with Starbucks getting your coffee order correct the first time, all the traffic lights staying green on the way to work, and your favorite song coming on just as the police pass you to pull someone else over, it’s a pretty darn good feeling to have these little victories in life go your way.

Over the next few weeks she and I will talk more and add to what we accomplished so far. Even if we have to go over a few things a few more times, that’s Okay. I know she is one smart cookie and once she sets her mind to something, nothing will stand in her way to learn it. Plus, once she learns something new, no one can stop her from reaching her goals.

As I wrote in a message a few weeks ago, taking the time to teach someone about computers (with warnings of course) will open a whole new world to them. The internet may contain some bad stuff, but it’s the good stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

I guess I better learn a whole bunch of new stuff or pretty soon I’ll need to ask her for help.

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.


(Shhh…after all of this, please, no one tell my sister that the machine she is battling is just a place to watch cat videos. It’ll be our little secret. 😉 )


Leanring the internet - 1







Fellow Blogger – Meet the Geek

I really like this chick!

Full-Frontal Nerdity

I, Kate, am a Harvard-educated, Second City-trained comedy writer who teaches logic in my spare time. This is precisely why I am also still single. (Well, that and the fact that I live in Los Angeles.) I will use this space to share musings, observations, and all-too-true stories from my three decades (and counting) of adventures in love and storytelling. Thanks for reading! [Return to]

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Celebrating 100 blog entries and 20 years on the internet

Happy 100 blog entries and 20 years on the internet!

A happy celebration for today!

I’m excited to say I’ve posted 100 blog entries on this site and it just so happens to correspond with me having the internet for almost 20 years.

I was born way before the internet and due to the type of rural life we led, we didn’t have a phone growing up and sometimes we didn’t have TV. Even going to the library was a treat. As a young adult, I didn’t have a normal college education, but I taught myself anything I wanted to know.

After a few years of the internet coming to homes, in June 1996 (almost 20 years ago) my ex and I purchased a brand new computer and signed up for our first account through AOL. I took to it immediately. I had used computers for years at work, but having the internet at home was a brand new world.This was amazing! I spent years learning everything I could from the internet.

I wanted to learn everything and even learned how to make my own webpages. I took C++ and all kinds of computer classes.

I started making little 5 page websites for CVs and resumes, and charged $25 per page, plus extra for photos. As the blogs became more important to people, my upper income was $30 per page for a 5 page website. I expanded and created pages for families and photographers looking for places to store their work. My favorite website was created for a Veteran who passed away. He was a WWII Veteran and his family wanted something special for his funeral. The funeral home had the internet, so I created a full webpage, 10 pages, with his career, family photos, his career photos, and so much more (I did this for free because he was a WWII Veteran and I’m a Veteran). His family brought a computer to the funeral home and his extended family and friends were able to enjoy his childhood and career memories like never before.

With the personal websites and CV websites I created, I also started accepting a few business clients. I was making a few hundred dollars a month. I never claimed to be anything I wasn’t. I was the small business webpage designer for those businesses who were just starting out. I was a busy mom and wife, so I could only accept a few pages at a time, so personal attention to each one was important. The clients really liked that. Making these little websites was extra money for our family. My work was growing and people started requesting me.  I thought that was pretty cool for a farm girl.

Through many late nights and just plain stubbornness I eventually earned my college degree in May 2002. At that time, I was a 34 year old single parent and I finally had the coveted piece of paper I had wanted since I was little. That one piece of paper opened many doors. Using my internet skills, I started working on more classes, and even though I haven’t finished my graduate degree, I actually have two graduate degree paths I’ve almost completed.

When I retired from the Army, in 2014, I realized my writing skills were severely lacking. During my career I picked up some really bad writing habits and I wanted to correct those mistakes. Most people don’t realize, in the military we write in simple sentences, bullets, and blurbs, anything else is turned away and considered “flowery.” After a lifetime of writing this way, I knew I needed help. There was only one problem. Due to my degree path, foundation writing courses, or actually any writing courses, would not be paid for through my GI Bill. I was on my own. I searched and searched and ended up taking many free courses on Coursera, Khan, and even You Tube. I’m still not up to the standard of where I wish I was, or need be, but I’m better than I was last year, and that is progress.

During the process of learning to write better, I wanted to also start a new blog. I wanted something that reflected my new retired life.

I’ve kept personal blogs before, but they were used for a daily journal and, before bookmarking or Pinterest, they were also used as a place to keep my favorite links. I never went beyond the “one page” blog. I didn’t even know how to. I knew how to load photos on many pages, or information, but not how to create drop-downs for more information. After some work in 2014 and watching as many free courses on You Tube as I could, I started a brand new blog in 2015. This wasn’t in E-blogger, like I had used before, and it wasn’t “Webs”, which I also knew how to use, but this was WordPress. This was a horse of a different color.

Basically, I was starting from scratch. I had to learn everything all over again. I had to understand categories, drop downs, widgets, and so much more. I even took a long break from my blog because I didn’t think I would ever learn how to use it. While facing many physical ailments and feeling sorry for myself, I figured this was just too much to learn at this time. I became really frustrated with myself for giving up, so I jumped right back in and learned more. I figured even if I was the only one who read this blog, I was going to learn to use it and I was also going to learn to write a book. Again, even if I was the only one who read it, I was going to write it.

During 2015 and the winter of 2016 year I also met some wonderful people. These were people different from my military career (some crossed over, but not all). These were writers, artist, filmmakers, and bloggers. They encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and not give up. I took their advice and kept going.

This week I received a message from WordPress that I had 100 public blog entries (I have some private ones also), and I rejoiced. That little message meant I was learning how to use this silly blog thing and I could learn more.

In the background, I’ve also been working on my book a little at a time, and putting in the effort to create some YouTube videos of my very own. Without actually going to a real school, I’ve used my personal time in 2015 and 2016 to learn various means of communication and I’ve experimented with different  styles. In just over one year I’ve learned more blogging skills, how to use more social media sites, how to create short videos, how to write a book, and I’ve learned an abundance of background information that makes all of these things work together.

I say all of this to remind those who want to give up; don’t. Just don’t. This advice is from a 48 year old disabled woman, who grew up in the backwoods of NC and had very little access to technology as a child or young adult. Now, I’ve been on the internet almost 20 years and for my first “real” blog, I now have 101 public blog entries. Is it perfect? No. It isn’t. I have a very long way to go.

I know there are times when my writing sucks. My editing is terrible, my punctuation needs tons of help, and my sentence structure sometimes resembles examples from my 7th grade book reports, but my friends and family have continued to read my work and support my dreams, so I’m gonna stick with it and I’m not giving up.

It’s like the first time someone tries to create something great from clay. More than likely, the first few times, they will end up with a big pile of clay. Eventually, if they stick with it, and keep their hands dirty, they can throw some fantastic pieces of pottery. I’m not giving up just because I created a few piles of clay instead of works of art.

It’s hard, frustrating, and at times, it seems impossible, but whatever you do, don’t give up the dream. Even if you have to take breaks or scream at the computer, don’t give up. (I’m so glad my computer can’t repeat everything I’ve screamed at it).

It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and many long hours of practice to create something worthwhile. If you are creating art, film, writing a book, keeping a blog, or as my friend is doing, learning a new instrument later in life, just stick with it. These new talents will eventually click.

Thank you to all those who support me, encourage me, and those who given me a big kick in my rear-end when I needed it. I plan to remain part of our creative family for a very long time. The world needs more creative people. One day, I hope to be considered one of those creative people who made a difference.


Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.


A Writer’s Internet Search History: How many “watch lists” are you on?

In one week, I’ve searched the following terms;

Worm farming, honey suckle, auto trader, sex trafficking, UFOs, ancient aliens, mold and stain remover, being naked in your home laws, naked gardening day, bathroom gender laws, cornbread recipes, increase your level of Vitamin D, length of time for a body to decompose, and human survival time without breathing.

How have I survived the week without the FBI knocking down my door?

Hey, Stargate SG1 is also in my search history, so it isn’t all bad.

BTW — Very few of these subjects were related to the other, but, when taking out of context, I would hate to see what a jury would say about this.

Hummm…. Opening another tab and now I’m searching, “How to search “incognito?”

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

(and use incognito when researching stories)

Sensory Overload: Pop-up ads and auto-play videos drive me bonkers

I have sensory issues. I’ve always had them and I always will. No matter what label or diagnosis those types of issues are listed under, I have them all. Smells, taste, sounds, jerky motions, a combination of certain colors and/or lights, and even the feel of certain materials, will drive me crazy and can make me physically sick.

In spite of literally hating the sound of someone (or an animal) crewing or drinking loudly, and dealing with all stupid MTHFKRing smells in a big box store (to the point of getting migraines from Fabreez), I managed to become a very successful adult. I learned to deal with strong smells by knowing exactly what detergent I wanted and needed, holding my breath, and running to the exact spot to get what I want and get the hell away from the rest of them. In church, or social gatherings, I started sitting alone,  or very far away, from the Avon ladies, who pour on perfume like a teenage boy who uses Ax deodorant. Flashing lights of certain colors don’t send me into seizures as some people, but they irritate me to the point of being physically sick. Even the mixture of certain colors in certain patterns (where they play off of each other) can start my head spinning and I feel nauseous to the point of either turning my head from the colors or leaving the area completely. I never really paid attention to which colors, or the combination of colors, make me sick, I just started avoiding things that I knew my brain physically hates.

I’ve learned to avoid offending smells, but others find it kind of crazy the things that make me sick and those that don’t. Natural bodily odors, from someone who hasn’t taken a shower in a week, does not bother me. The smell of dirt and manure, even when freshly laid on a farm, does not bother me either. But someone, who recently used body wash, shampoo, deodorant, hair spray, perfume, body spray, and tons of makeup, can give me a quick hug and I will almost pass out from pain that immediately washes over me. At the very least, I’ve had to go home early after an encounter such as this, but in the worst case scenario, I’ve actually landed in the ER from this exact kind of situation.

It’s very hard to get most people to understand I can’t use their lotions, purchase their monthly sales perfume, or use the new essential oil of the month, because, unlike them, their innocent little bottle can land me in the hospital, followed by bed-rest for 3 days and a “pain hangover” for 2 more days. I can literally lose a week of my normal life just by using a co-worker’s peach-strawberry-lavender name brand lotion. (AND No. Just because it’s hypo-allergenic does not mean it’s is made for people with over-sensitive senses).

I’m not the only person this happens to and there are way more of us than most people realize. Most of us only complain about our over-sensitive senses when we are trying to escape from the offender causing the reaction. We politely excuse ourselves, meltdown avoided, no need to talk about it further. Most people, like me, do the same thing. Why should we complain, when we can just change our own habits?  I don’t complain that another person’s perfume makes me sick, I get up and move away. I don’t complain someone’s loud chewing makes me want to scream, I get up and find somewhere else to sit.

I’ve been able to control what I smell or don’t smell, what I touch and don’t touch, what I hear or don’t hear (my gosh, certain sounds can really drive me as crazy as a mad hatter), and even what I see or don’t see. Except, with the last one, the internet (which I use every damn day) has taken it’s love for smashing colors and sounds together, to a whole new excruciating level.

I’ve managed to survive this long in the normal world, so I’m sure I’ll find ways to hang on a while longer,  but the continuous evolution of the internet is making it harder and harder to avoid these issues.

The amount of sights and sounds on most pages are enough for me to turn off my sound and turn down the brightness of my screen for a short time (I’ve even been known to try out new colors just to get a break from the overload of so many colors bombarding me at once).

I don’t know if I’m just over the top sensitive to these types of things or do page owners just don’t care how others perceive their content? There are so many ads on some websites, I refuse to visit the websites or share the websites. I know there are others out there, like me, who don’t want their day ruined from a migraine, irritability, or upset stomach, all due to someone who over loaded their page with more ads than content, so I’m not sure why it continues to get worse. I would guess these pages must make a ton of money with this tactic or they wouldn’t keep it up.

The click-bait pages are the worst. I’ll search for something online and think I’ve found something interesting to read, but in reality the link creators either faked the thumbnail and the content has zero to do with the headline or they have so much click bait going on, the content becomes irreverent. I doesn’t matter how interesting an article is if a reader never reads it. Very few people really enjoy wading through an enormous amount of ads just to read less than 1000 words of content.

The two I hate most are pop-up and auto-play ads. There’s no way to stop them or click out of them (especially since the x is so tiny and anywhere you click you basically opens the damn ad and this either slows down your computer or downloads the black screen of death on your computer.) If it’s an auto-play ad at least I can turn off my sound and ignore it, but the pop-up ads are super annoying. I understand content creators need to make money and obviously people need your information, or I wouldn’t have needed your page, but somewhere in the mix, a compromise needs to be reached.

Paid content is an option. Just like magazines, there are people who will pay for real content, just to avoid the intrusion of ads popping up. The plus side of online subscription is, there are zero perfume samples in them (my gosh I hate those and yes, I get physically ill when a random one arrives in my mailbox. The entire magazine goes straight to the trash) and they are environmentally friendly!

Another option is allowing the writers of websites to make extra income by finding and selling sponsorship ads. The writers could then make a percentage of the sponsorship they sell. These types of ads are small  advertisements, nicely placed in a non-intrusive manner, purchased by companies who support the site and the content.

I hope to one day make a small income from my words, but not in a manner which shouts, screams, or throws sounds at my readers before they get to the first word. There are many things I do wrong on my blog; I cuss, I’m pretty terrible at grammar, and my spelling is atrocious, but I promise I’m not going to set up ads to scream at my readers to make a few dollars.

At the moment, I have no ads on my blog (and I try not to share links which are full of ads). This was set up as much for me as it was for my readers. Sure, I could set up pop-up ads and banner ads, but those things not only distract the readers from my content I want them to enjoy (um, you know, the reason for setting up a blog in the first place), but they also distract me from my own page.

I want my readers to enjoy my content and maybe learn a few things along the way, not get angry and upset due to a bunch of random advertisements.

One day I hope to add legitimate paid sponsors,  and maybe even add a few affiliate links, but when I do, these will be non-intrusive. They will be created in a comfortable reading style, not created as pop-up ads which could irritate or anger my readers.

After a long day of dealing with the perfume sales people in the mall, those stupid, stupid, auto commercial thingies in big box stores, and living in a world where polyester is a real thing, it’s nice to be able to click on a link and not get bombarded with lights, sounds, and colors which can’t be turned off.

To any content creator, who includes ads to the left, right, or even at the top of your website, here is a resounding, “THANK YOU!” From those of us who already have trouble focusing, you are our friend.

Let’s hope more webpages will follow your lead.

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

The Vinyl Detective by Andrew Cartmel

Remember to order your copy of The Vinyl Detective Mysteries – Written in Dead Wax, written by Andrew Cartmel. (Yes, that Andrew Cartmel).

The Vinyl Detective

Those who are familiar with Doctor Who, will immediately recognize his name as the creator of The Cartmel Masterplan. This isn’t the first time Mr. Cartmel has delved into great stories outside the Doctor Who universe while following his passions, hobbies, and interests.

His experiences reach many corners of the writing world. Besides his extensive list of writing and overseeing Doctor Who scripts, he was also the Script Editor for other television series’ (such as BBC’s popular medical drama series Casualty), he wrote many comic book stories (including Judge Dredd: Swine Fever), and worked as a magazine editor and a lecturer. This is only a glimpse into his accomplishments. 

Most recently he co-wrote, with Ben Aaronovitch (another Doctor Who alumni) the highly successful comic book series, Rivers of London: Body Work (Volumes 1-5).

Any fan of Mr. Cartmel knows he loves his cats, he collects vinyl records from around the world, and his long writing career proves he’s a master of many genres.

Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel and his cat Molly. Photo credit Andrew Cartmel. 

Mr. Cartmel is not afraid to write outside his comfort zone to provide quality material for fans.

He’s always looking for more ways to stretch his creative muscles.

The Vinyl Detective series is one more fantastic example of his writing prowess and creative range.

Written in Dead Wax is the first mystery in this series. Weaving a web of suspense, danger, and the ever diminishing number of cat biscuits, I hope The Vinyl Detective continues to keep us entertained for many years to come.

On top of everything, Mr. Cartmel’s amazing career also includes a tour as a stand-up comedian. His funny side makes an appearance in all of his scripts, so I hope to see more of this tongue-in-cheek British humor in this upcoming series.

Available both in print and on Kindle, it’s available now in many fine book retailers and on Amazon at;

I’m sure he would enjoy hearing from more of his fans, so another way to follow Mr. Cartmel’s work is to read about his day on Twitter @andrewcartmel .  

Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.

My Pet Chicken and The Rainbow Bridge

Beard Lady and Me

Just an update on Bearded Lady, she’s very sick and won’t be with us very much longer. She’s receiving great care and her favorite treats every day. I love her dearly and it’s my pleasure to give her all the happiness in the world.

Beard Lady and watermelon

Pets come into our lives and bring us joy with their feathers and fur, and even scales, so it’s our responsibility as owners to respect them as they make their way across the rainbow bridge.

I post this not to bring too many tears, but to show, in the right home, chickens are just as loved as any other pet. They are sweet, kind, smart, and loving. If you have a child allergic to cats or dogs, maybe they need a lovely chicken in their lives.

Chickens can be taught tricks and will follow their loved one everywhere. They can even take baths when needed. In fact, if they are raised to take baths, they actually kind of like it (or at least they will tolerate and not fight it too much). They don’t take up much room and will snuggle with you just like a cat or dog.

Bearded Lady sick


Although Bearded Lady has been with us for only 1 year, she brought so much happiness to me and my family. She will be missed very much.

On Wednesday I’ll be contacting the right people to help me give her a peaceful rest. I will be by her side letting her know she was loved.


Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy.