Halloween Indie Flick! Very cool parody horror flick to watch!! So much fun!!

Beneath The Black Moon

The premise is you are watching a broken VHS movie, taped on another VHS, of a parody scary movie. — Great film by some wonderful people. There are so many humorous spots in the movie. The one liners are perfect. I would love to tell you more, but, I wish to wait for others to watch it first without spoilers. Props, photography, lighting, editing, and acting, all of this was so much fun to watch. The amount of time and details spent on this parody are some of the same levels you see in such spots on Twilight Zone. It reminds me of early film graphics (when film makers were using chocolate syrup for blood) which gives it an authentic feel. I highly enjoyed watching from beginning to end.

Why I love The Addams family

I loved The Addams Family when I was growing up. When other shows were portraying the wife as unintelligent, weak, and just a servant to the husband, Morticia was nothing like the TV wives. No matter how crazy her family life got, you did not pick on her family. She was intelligent, classy, sexy, hard working, loving, in charge, and was always looking out for the best for her family, and her husband loved her more than life itself. I always loved Morticia. She was the bad-ass woman I strive to be.