Legal Cannabis in America — The sky is not falling and people are getting medical help

Imagine a country where patients have to beg politicians for the right to use a medication which will save their lives. Imagine a country where a family has to move from a very conservative regime, losing their homes and jobs, just to find medication for their child in another part of their own country. Imagine a country where a parent can be arrested, have their home, cars, personal belongings, and all their money seized for government use, just because they were trying to save the life of their sick child. Imagine a country where a person can spend more time in prison for trying to save their own life or the life of a loved one, compared to a pediphile who raped and abused young children. Imagine a country where you can be banned for life from receiving government funds to go to school, for a small infraction committed when you were 18, which is not even illegal in other states. Compare this punishment to a thief, a rapist, or someone who has a DUI, who are not questioned about their backgrounds when receiving federal funds for college, and the size of the punishment far outweighs the crime. Imagine a country where children are taken from their homes, put into foster care, and never allowed to see their parents, because one of their parents has cancer and has decided to save their own life, so they can be alive in 20 years to support their children.

We are not talking about a communist or 3rd world country. This is the United States. This is a country who claims to be number 1 in health. It is not. It is a country which claims to treat their sick to the best healthy care in the world. We do not.

The medical cannabis and the recreational cannabis fight is in the news almost on a daily basis. According to poll research, anywhere from 73% up to 85% of Americans positively support changes in cannabis laws.

The politicians need to see what they are doing to their people by keeping cannabis illegal. People are dying from their lack of action and their backwards thinking. The sad part is, most of the states, who refuse to pass new cannabis laws, are the exact states who claim they are pro-life. Pro-life doesn’t mean to kill your citizens with outdated and unillegent laws. If politicians were truly pro-life, they would be able to see the full lifespan of a person, and pass laws to make quality of life their first priority, not an agenda in making their citizens suffer in pain and death. Politicians need to remember, “PRO-LIFE DOES NOT END ON THE DAY OF BIRTH”

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