Rocking to “All About That Bass” this morning

I am a big believer in “Don’t worry about your size!” There are very healthy women at all sizes. Get your regular yearly check-ups and if things start going side-ways, then start worrying. Happiness in life is a lot more important to health, then the silly number on a scale. Yes, exercising is good for almost everyone and making your body the best it can be is awesome, but, if you are short, tall, naturally thin, or naturally bigger, there isn’t much you can do to become more than what you really are. Be the best human you can be, be as healthy as you can be, and always be kind to others, is way more important than starving yourself to fit in jeans you were never meant to purchase.

Trying to be something you are not, whether it is trying to gain weight or lose weight, puts more stress on your body compared to just accepting who you are and being the best you can be! Do the best to make the best of what you have been handed in life and rock it like no tomorrow!

So, rock that booty!!

Drama is the Herpes of life — My Opinion on a happier life.

My friend wrote;

“You ever seen people that look so very happy and get a bit jealous? You think to yourself they never have to deal with the drama I deal with. You know why? Because they just don’t deal with it. People want to start drama and they just cut them out of their lives. You can be just as happy.”

I wrote back;

“Exactly. It took me years to learn that. Avoid someone else’s drama like avoiding herpes and you will have a much happier life. — Just like herpes, if you give into someone’s drama, they keep coming back. Let them spread that shit to someone else.”
Also, if you spread a little drama around, people will think it is ok to bring it back to you. Again, just like Herpes, if you have it, keep that crap at home, do something to clear it up, and keep others from bringing it to you.
As a side note: Most people you see, whom seem happy, are just keeping their drama under wraps. They are not “altogether” as you think. Heck, their lives are just as messed up as everyone else’s life, but, they don’t spread it around.