Fibro Fog is a pain in the…?

Do. I. Even. English?  Words. I. Say. What. Are. Those?

(I call it the CPT Kirk Syndrome)

** Hey look! I made a meme! **


Writer with Fibro Fog

Some examples of writing with Fibro Fog are;

  • Writing this way is like digging my way out of quicksand. Once you finally dig out the correct word or sentence, you’re too exhausted to try it again… but you do.
  • Anyone who has ever tried writing anything with a messed up memory, or on strong medications, is basically into S & M for the brain. The pleasure and pain of writing something really good is addicting.
  • When I’m in deep Fibro Fog, or on pain medications, I write like CPT Kirk after a few bottles of Romulan Ale.
  • I use Google like a guest on Family Feud or Jeopardy, “Something to read you would normally find in a Doctor’s office?” “What is a magazine?”
  • I literally just used Google to write this one short blog to look up, “What is the game show hosted by the guy named Steve?” and “What is the illegal drink on Star Trek?

If I ever do publish a book, the publisher will need a team of editors just to decipher what the hell I’m writing.

Well, I’m off to write more gibberish and max out my Goggle searches.


As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!


Doctor Who in a nutshell

So, to escape the reality of pain and real life, I sometimes delve into the world of science fiction, specifically the world of Doctor Who.

For those who don’t know who Doctor Who is, where have you been for the last 50 years? I will gladly catch you up on anything Doctor Who or other science fiction shows, just ask. Oh! Don’t ask about The Walking Dead. I have NO idea what is going on with The Walking Dead. I only have so many TV watching hours in a day, so, I had to cut out something, and The Walking Dead was what got cut. My world encompases space sciecen fictions stuff such as Stargate, Firefly, Star Trek, the aforementioned Doctor Who, and many others. Yes, I like to cosplay. If you don’t know what cosplay is, don’t look up sex positions. Cosplay is not a new sex position, although, many people who do participate in cosplay use their costumes to participate in adult time after conventions, but, that is a whole world we will not be discussing here. 🙂

Cosplay is mostly a family event involving very awesome costumes of your favorite show, and usually based on the specific theme of a particular event,  such as a science fiction convention.

Here is Doctor Who summed up in one MEME.