My Garden – Peppers

Just a glimpse of my peppers.

Gardening is one of the many hobbies which keep me happy and sane.

To me, there is nothing like feeling dirt in my hands, the sun on my back, and eating something I grew.

I have a big pile of peppers I need to photograph this weekend.

I always love food photography, but I love vegetable photography because they’re all so different and colorful and they last for days outside of the refrigerator, which gives me time to take a variety of photos from different angles and from different times of the day.

Photo by Amanda Blount

Sadly, I can’t upload my very favorite photos to my blog or social media because a few of my photos were stolen by strangers in the past. But I do share the next best ones which, I think, are still really good.

I’ll post more pepper photos this weekend.

Now it’s time to find some lunch.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until next time… Be safe, be kind, and take time to love one another.

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Spring time has arrived (March 20, 2016) … but no one told Mother Nature

Here we are in the Good Ole Rocky Top state with Spring finally on us. We are cleaning our yards and preparing our gardens, but Mother Nature has not kicked Jack Frost out of bed yet. Jack Frost is like a bad date. He showed up one night when Mother Nature was having a weak moment, she fed him ate breakfast, and months later, even when the conversation has become strained, he will not leave. He has icicles everywhere, even hanging in the shower, the cat is not happy about the cold belly rubs he gives her, and honestly, any intimate time with a man who can break at any moment, has becoming tiring. How many times can he sing jack Frost songs anyway?!

Well, Mother Nature, it’s time to hand Jack Frost an iced cup of coffee, his bags, and a muffin (because we aren’t animals, are we? ) and show him to the door. He needs to find somewhere else to reside and cause chaos for the next 6 months. I hear the snow ladies in Antarctica are looking for a cool guy to hang with for a few months. I’m sure ole Jack will do just fine living in the snow caves  and bring them lots of stories of his time in the Northern Hemisphere. So, off you go Jack, see you next year.

Back to our Spring and Mother Nature. Come on lady, get it together. There are plenty of men who would love to pollinate your flowers and tumble in the hay. You just need to warm up that cold heart and let us live!

I really need for you to wake up! I’ve got tomatoes which are calling my name!

This is what we are supposed to look like now…..


Spring time is here!


I’m saddened to say, this is actually what we look like! Our wonderful Mother is very confused with what date it is. Someone needs to let her know I do not want to freeze on Easter Morning!

Spring in TN is confused

I love the sunshine! I’m like a flower! I need sun to blossom and become bright and cheerful again! I don’t want any more cold days!!

I’m routing for you Mother Nature! You can do it! I need you! We need you!! Everyone needs you!! Show us your sweet face and your touch of grace!

My old bones are counting on it!


As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!