6 important stories: The 75th anniversary when the US GOV imprisoned American citizens based on their nationality. Never forget!

The American government stole their land, homes, stores, and life all in the name of protection. These were hardworking American citizens, not terrorists, not criminals, not the enemy, but true Americans. With the current administration, this kind of attack on Americans can happen again. Please learn from the past so we do not let history repeat itself.

1. 75 years later, Japanese Americans recall pain of internment camps

75th Anniversary of Japanese internment camps in America

2. What Happened to Japanese Americans 75 Years Ago Is Newly Relevant

We can’t rely on ethnic or religious tests for citizenship or admission to our country. It’s the kind of racism that ripped families apart during World War II.

Learn about the relavance of the camps to today’s politics

3. Executive order that incarcerated Japanese Americans is 75 years old

Executive Order to treat Japanese Americans like prisoners

4. When Japanese Americans Were Caged: 75 Years After Executive Order 9066

When American citizens were cages like hardened criminals

5. Letters From Camp by Frank Chi

Letters from children in the camps

And the bonus link — George Takei gives a first person account of Japanese Americans being arrested for the crime of being American citizens of Japanese heritage.

6. George Takei: On this Remembrance Day, I hear terrible echoes of the past

George Takei – Memories of his childhood in the camps

Thank you for reading. Until next time…

Be safe, be kind, and take the time to love one another.

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