The murder of Christina Grimmie; I’m sad, terrified, and just damn angry

I’ve been trying to say something all day, without pure anger, but I honestly haven’t been able to find the words.

So, I’m just going to say it, Christina Grimmie being murdered sucks.

I didn’t even follow her, and I only saw her once or twice on The Voice, but when I read her name I knew exactly who she was.

For someone, my age, to recognize her name, I can only imagine how big of a star she could have been in just a few short years.

She was so talented and worked very hard to get where she was.

It really breaks my heart. There are thousands and thousands of “Christinas” being killed all the time in the US and around the world.

I find a deep sadness that we lose young people every day to senseless deaths. Losing someone so young, just starting their life, and leaving behind so much unknown potential, just breaks my heart.

Yes, she was pretty and incredibly talented, but that isn’t all I’m talking about. She had more to offer. She worked hard to bring her talent to the world. Many years, before The Voice, she had already gained her own following on YouTube, and she did that through dedication and hard work. There are so many kids just like her.

There are children and young adults all over the US and the world, working hard to achieve their dreams, every day putting one foot in front of the other, knowing if they work hard enough, success will come to them, then some crazy person kills that dream in mere seconds.

We lose our children to hunger, war, abuse, the stupidity of drivers, and yes, sadly, evil murder.

She was only 22, and some man came to her concert, specifically to quiet her voice, to stop her from succeeding, and to snuff out her light.

Those kids were at the concert to have a great time, singing along to songs, enjoying the success of their new star, all while a madman (I refuse to use his name) stood next to them, not enjoying life the same way they were, but he was planning the murder of this wonderful woman.

Not only is that so sad, but as a Mom, it is equally terrifying.

I’m sad for her family, I’m terrified for all young people, and I’m just damn angry at evil people. I really hate evil people for trying to destroy beauty and love and happiness and splendor. I’m really angry at the evil people of this world for killing anything beautiful they see in this wonderful world.

I can’t even imagine what her parents and her family are going through. May they find strength in knowing how much she was loved by so many people.

RIP Christina Grimmie.


Here is Christina Grimmie singing a cover of “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera




Until next time…be safe, be kind, and always be happy

(if you haven’t, please kiss and hug your family and make sure they know you love them)



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