SecDef Mattis protects his “children” – Delays Trump’s Transgender Ban

SecDef Mattis protects his “children” – Delays Trump’s Transgender Ban

I can’t even begin to say how happy I am about this. knows 15,000 transgender troops serve in the military. The “Monk General”, who claims the military as his family, won’t abandon those who are already serving.

I’m not saying he won’t implement this plan sometime in the far future, but Mattis isn’t going to follow POTUS Trump’s plan to ban these military members immediately and uproot their careers and families. All of these transgender military members have served in battle and/or served supporting the war cause.  To uproot them from their careers and homes would not only do a disservice to them, but also negativity affect morale and combat readiness in their units.

Mattis Says Panel Will Study Trump’s Transgender Ban

Mattis - Transgender

What Mattis has done with his delay, based on future planning and talks with those already serving, is put into place options for those serving. It gives them breathing room to decide what they really wish to do. Some transgender military members may make other plans  in the civilian sector, put in a retirement packet, or continue serving and see what happens in the next election.

Some people say he should do more and stop POTUS Trump in his tracks. That would only lead to Mattis being fired for a more Trump friendly general. This would do nothing but harm any LGBTQ in the military and no one wants that.

Mattis has agreed to some of Trump’s plans, but not destroying the careers of those serving. It’s unfair to those who want to join. I’m totally on board with that cause, but in such an ugly anti-LGBTQ environment, this is a compromise which saves the careers and families of 15,000 service men and women.

No matter what happens in the future, this delay helps everyone take a breath, step back, regroup, and decide a plan which is best for everyone.

Any delay to help those already serving is a good victory in my book.

Until next time…Be safe, be kind, be happy, and take time to love one another. We’re all in this together.



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Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom

Opinion Piece: Enjoy Memorial Day as a celebration of life and freedom.

I am torn by the constant reminder, in the news and on the internet, that Memorial Day is not about hot dogs and picnics, but, only to remember the fallen Soldiers in our history.

Yes. There are plenty of US Citizens, who do not live near a military base, who do not know a military Veteran, and who are not familiar with all that goes into being in the military. They are going about their weekend in blissful happiness that they are able to take a long weekend and spend some time with the family. That is all they know. The main things they are looking forward to is time off and spending time with the family. They might attend the local parade, and hang up their American flag, and eat, drink, and be merry during the whole weekend.

Is that really so bad?

As a career Soldier, it honestly makes me very happy there are families in small town America who can go about their lives and never know the pain, suffering, and lose that Soldiers feel every day. I didn’t join the military so that I can tell those families what to do. I joined the military so they could do what they wanted to, at any time, without fear of oppression and war in their own backyard.

In my mind, I see Memorial day as a Celebration of Life for Soldiers who have gone before us. We remember their lives and their sacrifice by not sitting around crying all weekend, or in solemn prayer all weekend, but in celebration for what they did on the battlefield, and how they served their country very well.
Throughout history, armies did not remember their lost brothers (and now sisters), by spending their entire mourning time in tears and sorrow. They spent the appropriate time in sorrow, but, after the tears, they partied and told grand stories about their fallen comrades. The more mead or wine which was poured, the bigger the stories became. They danced, they ate, they drank, and they made love, while being thankful for the freedom they had due to the Soldiers who died in their place.

This Memorial Day weekend, let’s not condemn those who are spending time with their families, who are fishing with their children, who are drinking, eating, and seem like they don’t have a care in the world. Let’s be happy that, we, as Soldiers, and the ones who went before us, are able to provide the freedom for those people to have a happy weekend. We shoulder the pain, suffering, and sacrifice time with our own families, so they don’t have to. The fallen Soldiers (and their families) have shouldered the ultimate sacrifice, so those families could smile, love, and be together in a free nation, without fear of condemnation of others.

So, go out and have a huge Celebration of Life for the lost Soldiers from our past, and enjoy the freedoms they gave to the American people. While you are having a beer, have one for them too, but, don’t condemn those who are loving, living, and laughing in the free nation those Soldiers stood, and fell, for.

It makes my heart happy to see families together in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

If you wish to post the name of a Veteran you have lost, I will make a photo for them and post it on my blog.

Nurse treats Veteran very rudely (what else is new?)

This is the exact stuff many Veterans have to put up with when going to the VA.

Now, let me ask you, if your civilian nurse or civilian DR treated you like this, would you put up with it? Heck no! You would find a new office, but, many Veterans have no choice but to go to their local VA for medical help. The local nurses and Drs in those offices know those Veterans have no choice and treat them as second class citizens.

I hope this nurse never finds another job dealing with any patients. This is not the way to treat any patient, especially a Veteran!

When will the VA fix these issues? They keep promising to get rid of people like this, yet, these type of stories pop up almost every week. These issues need to be fixed sooner rather than later.