WOW! Student collects over 50,000 golf balls from the ocean! – Humans doing awesome things for our planet!

In the category of “Humans doing awesome things for our planet,” we have a young woman picking up the trash golfers leave behind.

Link and video

Why this student collected more than 50,000 golf balls out of the ocean

My two cents?

Regular people are fined for littering our highways and our towns, why aren’t golfers fined for littering the world with golf balls?

Not only do golfers leave golf balls behind when playing at clubs, but many golfers never think twice before hitting golf balls from their boats or from beaches directly beside the ocean. They’re never fined for actively polluting the oceans. These golf balls break down into micro-plastics which are ingested by fish and birds.


Since we know golf balls are super cheap, and most golfers don’t mind losing a few, what I’d like to see is every golfer pay a clean-up fee whenever they play golf. It wouldn’t matter to me if they were playing nine holes or eighteen, they need to pay a clean-up fee for the luxury of leaving their trash (golfballs) all over the country and all over the world.

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