Trump loving Piers Morgan used three broken ribs to claim he was “manning up” – Twitter wasn’t having it.

The situation started with an insulting tweet from Piers.

“I’ll be co-hosting GMB tomorrow with 3 broken ribs. For the more fragile snowflakes among you, this is called “manning up”.”

For those who may not know, “fragile snowflakes” is a term used mostly by Trump followers or far-right conservatives as an insult to liberals, especially directed to liberal men and / or college students.

Piers’ attempt at insult and arrogance back fired on him when the internet called him out for the weakling he is.

Let’s start with Dane Rauschenberg. Dane is an attorney, author, long distance runner, and he ran 52 marathons in 52 weekends. Between the weekly marathons, Dane spoke publicly about his fundraising efforts, sent out blog updates, and even organized a local marathon to make sure his 52 week streak would not be broken. I think he is qualified to speak about pain during hard work.

* Please forgive the strong language. Insulting hard work of others tends to make us all angry at the man who is paid a large sum of money to sit on a couch in a climate controlled environment while bitching about how others aren’t manly enough for his standards.

Dane certainly earned respect for letting Piers know his ribs were nothing compared to the pain of others.

I was doing my own form of fangirling.

There were many more comments made to Piers by everyday people.

I was so angry with him, I left a bunch of remarks. But I’ll only share a few here.

This was one of my favorite comments about tough men!! These men are real heroes!

They need to teach Piers how to be a real man.

And the last one. It’s one I hope the next generation will be able to relate to.


Keep in mind, no one insulted Piers Morgan for his pain. Not even close. Everyone insulted him for his comments about 3 broken ribs at work made him more manly than some class of people he was insulting.

Since I’ve read Piers a lot, and going by the comment he posted, I know he was insulting liberals.

Conservative voters do not own hard work and sacrifice. Hard working people come from all countries, creeds, religions, races, and yes, even political parties.

What he doesn’t realize is, with his comment he is not only insulting all the civilians liberals who work hard everyday, but he is also insulting Veterans, farmers, truck drivers, and more, who support the liberal cause.

Piers discounted not only the hardworking liberals in the US, but with his words, he also discounted the liberals in his own country. With his words Piers proves he is not a man who wants to reach across the aisle and mend fences. Through his words and actions, he wishes to divide us more.

Piers, I really hope you feel better soon. I really do. But it would be really nice if you weren’t such an ass about it and stop making a fool of yourself.


Until next time…Be safe, be kind, be happy, and take time to love one another. We’re all in this together.


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