Happy Easter 2017

As we approach Easter 2017 – I offer some cute MEMES.

easter (9)

I’ve never owned a snake, but if I ever get one, I promise to do this with various animal ears. 🙂

easter (8)

The Platypus has so many different animal traits combined in one body, it needs it’s own holiday.

easter (7)


And of course, what is Easter without a cute little furry nose to curl up to. I wish for you and all your furry friends a very Happy Easter.

easter (6)

Until next time…Be safe, be kind, be happy, and take time to love one another.

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Retire to the Philippines – Become an Expat

With the elections in the US, and unrest throughout the world, many people are looking for a new adventure or even a new place to call their permanent  home.

One of the great places to retire is the Philippines.

The Philippines offer’s great medical service, including Veteran’s care for the US military.

There are many wonderful beaches. With more than 7000 islands, you can spend your day swimming, diving, fishing, sailing, hiking, or just relaxing.

Banking isn’t an issue. You have plenty of ways to process money from one country to the other.

Housing is modern and built with storms in mind. Plus, there are many neighborhoods specifically designed for Ex-pats. The homes will include a variety of all the modern conveniences we have in the United States, to include AC, Heat, internet,  and cable TV. But who is going to be home all the time, when you have an entire new country to explore. Fishing, swimming, and late night family parties are normal activities.

If you are craving some night life, there are plenty ways to have a great time in the cities and shop in local malls.

If you wish to learn more about moving and living in the Philippines, or going for an extended holiday, be sure to contact my friends; Mary Rose  and Eli van Ingen.

My friend and her husband are Retirement Ambassadors for the Philippines. If you want to know more, she can help you get the paperwork you need.

Here are the photos of them at the recent International Retirement Conference held in Berlin.



These two are Travel GURUS. They travel the world and have become experts on airlines, hotels, trips, and where to retire for your future.

If you are serious about retiring to the Philippines,  please contact them at their various social media pages.  She enjoys introducing new people to her home country.

Here is her page directly dealing with Visas and Requirements —


Here is her official Retirement Ambassador Page.



As always… Be safe, be kind, and always be happy!